How To Win Oz Lotto

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How To Win Oz Lotto
How to Win Oz Lotto? To win Division 1 in Oz Lotto (the Jackpot prize), your entry needs to match 7 numbers in a single game panel with the 7 winning numbers from that draw. However you can win a prize with as little as 3 winning numbers plus 1 supplementary number in a single game.

What are the most common winning numbers in Oz Lotto?

The most popular (hottest) main draw number has been the number 33, which has appeared on 119 occasions. The least popular (coldest) main draw number during this same period has been the number 10 which has appeared only 74 times – a whopping 45 times less than the number 33! Hot Oz Lotto numbers: 33 (119 times)

Which Oz Lotto is easiest to win?

Compare Australia’s National Lottery games to find out which one fits you best. Whether you like to target the biggest jackpots or prefer those games with the best odds, there are plenty of options to choose from throughout the week. The following table shows the main points for each game, such as the draw day, cost of entry, starting jackpot and odds of winning.

Lottery Draw Day/Time Ticket Price* Jackpot Amount Odds of Winning Jackpot
Monday & Wednesday Lotto Monday and Wednesday at 8:30pm $2.40 for four games $1 million per winner 1 in 8,145,060
Saturday Lotto Saturday at 8:30pm $3.30 for four games $5 million 1 in 8,145,060
Oz Lotto Tuesday at 8:30pm $1.40 for one game Starts at $3 million 1 in 62,891,499
Powerball Thursday at 8:30pm $4.85 for four games Starts at $3 million 1 in 134,490,400
Set for Life Daily at 9:00pm $9.30 for two games (entered into seven straight draws) $20,000 a month for 20 years 1 in 38,320,568
Super 66 Saturday at 8:30pm $1.10 Starts at $16,666 1 in 1,000,000
Lucky Lotteries: Super Jackpot Every few days when all entries are sold From $2.20 per number Starts at $500,000 1 in 18,385,877
Lucky Lotteries: Mega Jackpot Every few days when all entries are sold From $5.50 per number Starts at $1 million 1 in 9,483,168

The ticket price reflects the cost of entry in most states. It is different for some games in Western Australia. Next Irish Lotto Jackpot $5 Million* *Jackpot converted to AUD and rounded to the nearest million. Are all the games available in every state? Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball and Set for Life are all National Lotteries that are available everywhere in Australia.

The Lucky Lotteries games, Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot, are played in all states apart from Western Australia. Super 66 is available everywhere except New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Instead, NSW Lotteries offers Lotto Strike, a game where you have to predict the first four numbers to be drawn in Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto.

Western Australia has its own game, Cash 3, where you have to match three numbers from 0 to 9, while South Australia is currently the only state to run Keno. Which games have the biggest jackpots? Powerball holds the record for paying out the biggest jackpot ever seen in Australian lottery history.

  1. The Division 1 prize grows very quickly from its starting point when it is not won and has regularly topped $100 million.
  2. Oz Lotto has also given away nine-figure jackpots, while Mega Jackpot has a history of building up tens of millions of dollars.
  3. Which game has the best odds? Monday & Wednesday Lotto, and Saturday Lotto, have the best odds of winning the jackpot for all those games where the top prize is worth at least $1 million.

These games all require you to pick six numbers from 1 to 45 so the odds are exactly the same, and you often see multiple Division 1 winners. Saturday Lotto also offers regular Superdraws, when the jackpot is increased to a guaranteed $20 million. Super 66 – and other state games such as Lotto Strike – have better odds of winning the jackpot but the top prize starts off lower.

What other factors are there to consider? There is a range of games to choose from so that you can decide what suits you best. As well as considering the best odds of winning the jackpot, you may also look at which game has the best overall odds. If this is in your mind, Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot gives you a 1 in 16 chance of winning a prize.

The cost of entry will be another factor for many players, as will the type of prize on offer. Set for Life, for example, works differently to the other games as it offers a guaranteed income for 20 years rather than a single payment.

What are the 5 most common winning lottery numbers?

Updated on: August 2, 2023 / 9:28 AM / CBS Chicago CBS News Live CBS News Chicago Live The Mega Millions estimated jackpot topped $1.2 billion (yes, with a b) after no winning tickets were sold Tuesday. What are the six most common numbers drawn for the Mega Millions jackpot? According to USA Mega, which collects data for the past 601 drawings (dating back to 10/31/17), 10, 14, 3, 7, and 46 are the five most popular. The most popular Megaball number is 22. Here are the least popular numbers for those contrarians in the crowd: 35, 65, 50, 51, and 49. The least popular Megaball number is 8. It pays to live in Indiana, compared with Illinois. According to USA Mega, the lump sum payout for Hoosiers would be an estimated $374 million after taxes, compared with $363 million in Illinois. Your tax burden may vary depending on your deductions and how you dispense your winnings. That means: get a good attorney. The difference in state taxes accounts for the difference. Choosing your numbers or letting the computer do it doesn’t change your odds of winning, which are astronomically high, 1 in 292 million. There hasn’t been a Mega Millions jackpot winner in 29 drawings since April 18, and the jackpot has jumped by about $100 million since last Friday’s drawing, The Mega Millions drawings are held Tuesday and Friday at 10 p.m., Chicago time. These insane jackpots are becoming more common. In November 2022, the Powerball jackpot hit an astonishing $1.6 billion. If you do win, keep quiet, experts say. Even before contacting lottery officials, the first steps are to keep the ticket in a safe place and call an attorney. The time winners have to claim their money varies by state, but the shortest period is 90 days. Thanks for reading CBS NEWS. Create your free account or log in for more features. Please enter email address to continue Please enter valid email address to continue

Do quick picks ever win Australia?

1. Use Quick Picks –

  • “Of the eight Powerball division one winning entries so far this year, all but two were secured by Quick Pick entries, where the lottery terminal randomly chose the numbers,” said Mr Hart.
  • “Only two wins have come from a marked entry, where the player marked a coupon with their favourite numbers.”
  • If you are going to run the numbers, more Quick Pickers than self-pickers win lottery jackpots – to choose their numbers, rather than choosing their own lucky numbers.

What is the best lottery to enter Australia?

So, what’s the best Australian lottery overall? Well that all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the best odds go with the Saturday Lotto, and its smaller siblings the Monday and Wednesday Lotto games. If you want the biggest jackpots then the Oz Lotto is the game for you.

What lottery ticket wins the most?

Overall Performance from $1,000 Worth of Scratch-Offs: – As one can see from the first table, we tried the best we could to have equal values for each of the different types of scratch-off lottery tickets. The most amount of wins came from the $1 scratch-off tickets, but that is because $1 tickets were the most common type of lottery ticket by a wide margin.

  1. The $5 tickets proved to have the highest winning percentage, which was 36.36 percent.
  2. This was followed by the $10 ticket’s winning percentage of 23.53 percent, and the $20 scratch-off’s winning percentage of 22.22 percent.
  3. The $1 and $2 tickets each recorded a winning percentage of 20.00 percent, while no wins took place with the $30 tickets.

Overall, our winning percentage was 21.66 percent. In terms of win value, the clear winner was the $20 tickets, but that was only because one $20 ticket won LendEDU $500, the highlight of the experiment. The $2 scratch-offs brought home $142, while the $5 tickets returned the third most value at $125.

In total, LendEDU won $974. We also calculated return on investment (ROI) on each type of ticket, and only one ticket type, the $20 scratch-offs, gave LendEDU a positive return. The $20 tickets had an ROI of 188.89 percent, followed by the $2 tickets had a return of -16.47 percent. $5 tickets had an ROI of -24.24 percent, while $1 scratch-offs returned -38.18 percent on the investment.

The ROI on $10 scratch-offs was -50.00 percent, and finally, the $30 scratchers had an ROI of -100 percent, the worst of the bunch. Our ROI from all tickets combined was -2.6 percent. Without the one $20 ticket that returned $500, LendEDU’s scratch-off experiment would have resulted in some seriously red numbers.

Overall, it seems that LendEDU got really lucky. But, thats the premise of the lottery right? Had we not had the one $20 scratch-off that brought in $500, we would have lost $526, instead of only losing $26. Our advice? Playing the lottery is an extremely risky investment that, more times than not, drains your bank account and your dreams of retiring on a yacht in Saint-Tropez.

Because we bought such a high volume of tickets, we were able to survive this experiment with minimal losses. However, considering the average American spends roughly $206.69 on lottery tickets per year, most people are simply throwing their money away.

What are the luckiest Lotto numbers in Australia?

Oz Lotto – 7/47 Numbers and 3/47 Supplementary Numbers; Division 1 Prize Odds: 1:62,891,499 When it was launched in 1994, Oz Lotto was the first nationwide lottery in Australia. Today, it is administered by Tabcorp’s The Lott brand in nearly all states and by Lotterywest in Western Australia.

  1. Draws are held every Tuesday and every AU$1.40 ticket allows players to pick 7 numbers out of 47 plus one supplementary number.
  2. To win the jackpot, or the so-called Division 1 prize, you need to match all 7 main numbers.
  3. The current game matrix was introduced on 17 May 2022 – prior to that date, players picked 7 numbers out of 45.

In addition, the number of supplementary balls drawn each time increased from two to three. The jackpot, which is progressive, starts at $3 million and has no rollover limit, nor a cap, and can reach huge sums before being hit. Ever since that last change in May 2022, the most common numbers have been 5 (12 times), 27 and 37 (11 times).

Where are most winning lottery tickets sold?

Here are the states where the most Mega Millions jackpots have been hit: New York: 39. California: 34. New Jersey: 25.

What are the luckiest numbers in the national lottery?

Research has revealed the lottery numbers that come up the most and least in Lotto draws over the years. It found that ball number 58 had appeared in the most jackpot results over the past year, showing up 18 times. Meanwhile, the numbers 57, 39 and 37 were the joint-second luckiest, each coming up on 15 occasions during jackpot draws.

  1. And the least common number to come out of the machine was 43.
  2. In the National Lottery, players pay £2 to pick six numbers between 1 and 59 and the games are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights.
  3. The research by LotteryTexts analysed the winning Lotto numbers over the past year from February 2022 to February 2023.

READ MORE: Leicestershire steak, ale and stilton pie crowned supreme champion at the British Pie Awards in Melton Other common numbers found in the results were 44, 33, 50, 13, 20 and 53, all appearing in 14 of the jackpot winning draws since February 2022.

Meanwhile, 14, 46, 42, 21, 38 have all come up in 13 of the winning jackpot combinations. And 30, 34, 11 and 23 have all appeared in 12 winning jackpots. Some may claim that the number 13 is an unlucky number, but according to this research, it is a common occurrence in the draw, with an average jackpot value of £5,660,847.

Number 8 has only appeared five times in jackpot combinations over the past year, but holds the title as having the highest average jackpot prize of £9,585,732. A spokesperson for LotteryTexts said: “The Lotto was introduced in 1994 and continues to be played by millions across the UK.

It is common practice for people to choose the same numbers each week as a superstition, however this research provides insight into whether your numbers need adapting to those favoured by the draw. “The famous question ‘What would you do if you won the lottery’ plays on everyone’s minds, and any observation that gets people a little closer to this life changing win can be very welcomed.” Get all the latest news direct to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter here,


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What are the best numbers for the Australian lottery?

Set for Life, 1,086 Draws Analyzed – 7/44 Numbers and 2/44 Supplementary Numbers; Division 1 Prize Odds: 1:38,320,568 Based on similar games in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, Set for Life is the newest lottery in Australia, and pays the top jackpot as an annuity rather than in a lump sum.

Winners of the top prize receive $20,000 per month for 20 years – in case of several winning tickets, the prize is split evenly between the winners, and each one receives equal amounts in monthly instalments. Although the game was introduced in 2015, it was redesigned in 2020 when the main pool of numbers was increased from 37 to 44, while the bonus numbers became supplementaries.

Now, to win the Division 1 prize, players have to match all 7 main numbers. The two supplementary numbers are used for the other prizes. This major change in the rules was introduced with the 23 March 2020 draw, which is why we looked at the 1,086 draws conducted since then – the lottery is conducted daily, hence the large number of draws.

Analyzing these draws, we found the most common number to be 15, appearing 211 times, followed by 41 (202 times), 11 (198 times), and 21 (195 times). The least frequent number, on the other hand, has been 6 – appearing only 154 times, followed by 10, 29, and 39, each of which has been drawn 156 times.

The most common supplementary numbers have been 26, 29, and 40 (62 times), while the least common ones – 44 (35 times) and 17 (37 times).

What are the least common numbers in the lottery?

The twelve most unpopular lottery numbers are 32, 29, 10, 30, 40, 39, 48, 12, 42, 41, 38, and 18. These numbers are chosen 15 percent to 30 percent less often than other numbers. Note that this is in a lottery between 1 and 80. Birthday numbers tend to do particularly poorly.