How To Change Age On Tiktok

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How To Change Age On Tiktok

Why is my TikTok age restricted?

How to fix ‘age-protected’ post error on TikTok Published: 2023-06-27T09:39:20 ❘ Updated: 2023-06-27T09:39:30 Sometimes, TikTok users are unable to view specific posts. This may be due to an ‘age-protected’ error on the app. Here’s everything you need to know to fix it.

  • Short form video app is home to an immense range of content.
  • No matter what interests you, there is something on the platform for just about everybody.
  • Like other social media apps, TikTok has added certain restrictions in place over the years to prevent younger users from seeing more explicit content.

A user has be 13 years old to use some content will remain restricted until you turn 18. Article continues after ad However, over the past year, some users above the age of 18 have reported instances of TikTok limiting their access to certain posts, showing the error message “Post unavailable: This post is age-protected.” If you are over the age of 18 and are receiving an unexpected ‘age-protected’ error, there are a couple of methods you can try that might help resolve the issue. Unsplash: Eyestetix Studio TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. If you’re above 18, fixing this error may simply be a case of adjusting your settings in the TikTok app. Here’s how you do it. Article continues after ad

Open TikTok. Go to your profile. Click the three lines in the top right, and then go into ‘Settings and privacy.’ Scroll down to ‘Digital wellbeing’ and click on it. Go into the ‘Restricted mode’ section and turn it off.

Another reason you may be receiving this error message is that your age is not listed correctly on the app. You can contact to help resolve the issue, as changing your age from within the app is impossible. If you’d like to learn more about how to use TikTok, you can take a look at our other guides here: | | | | | |

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Does TikTok have age settings?

How safe is TikTok? – Using any social network can be risky, but it’s possible for kids to safely use the app with adult supervision (and a private account). TikTok has different rules for different ages:

Users under age 13 can’t post videos or comment, and content is curated for a younger audience. For kids age 13 to 15, accounts are private by default. Only friends can comment on videos, and other users can’t duet (explained below) with your videos. Only users age 16 and over can livestream and use direct messaging, and only users over 18 can buy, send, or receive virtual gifts. In March 2023, TikTok announced a time limit of 60 minutes/day on users under 18, requiring a password to be entered for further access to the platform.

TikTok also offers some tools for parents and caregivers to further limit how much time kids spend on the app and what kids can see. Parents and caregivers can also use Restricted Mode to reduce mature content, or Family Safety Mode to pair their account with their kid’s account to control settings completely.

Why is my TikTok age restricted when I’m 18?

Age Restriction Can’t Be Disabled On TikTok – If a user is in the 13-17 age group, there’s no way to turn off the feature. However, for older users who are seeing the message in error, the only workaround is to change their birthday on their account. Doing this is far from simple, and involves contacting TikTok support and providing a valid government ID.

TikTok says its content categorization system will assess videos to see if they contain ” mature or complex themes, for example, fictional scenes that may be too frightening or intense for younger audiences,” Based on the magnitude of sensitive themes in a video, a maturity score is assigned to it, and that ultimately dictates whether it should be restricted or allowed to be viewed by users under 18 years of age.

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The latest TikTok change builds upon a similar safety feature it enabled in December 2020, which blurred a sensitive video and put it behind a prompt that asked users if they really want to go ahead and watch it.

How do I prove to TikTok that I’m 18?

How to Confirm Your Age on TikTok Detailed steps on how to confirm your age to receive an invite for TikTok Creator Marketplace Written by Simma Baghbanbashi Updated over a week ago In order to join TikTok Creator Marketplace, you’ll first need to verify your age on TikTok. To confirm your age on TikTok, please contact the app’s customer support and request a date of birth update.

What is the age filter on TikTok?

What does the filter do? – The filter, which has over 9 million videos on TikTok, provides a rendering of users’ faces with realistic aging, including wrinkles, crow’s feet and often gray hair. The filter looks different for each person and uses AI to enhance existing facial features, like under-eye bags or wrinkles, to estimate how their face will age.

TikTok is not the first app to release an aging filter. Snapchat released a similar filter back in 2019, and users similarly used FaceApp to age themselves. Even Kylie Jenner hopped on the trend saying simply “I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.” Others disagree about how much the filter ages them, comparing their aged face to other users.

Some have used the filter on old photos of their parents or celebrities and compared the filter’s results to how they look today. Others, however, have taken a more loving approach to their future selves. Many users express shock at how similar they look to relatives and others express excitement for the years ahead.

Does TikTok have 18+ content?

Photo credit: Solen Feyissa TikTok is extending the hours of its adult swim. The app is letting users restrict their videos so only viewers only the age of 18 can watch. In a blog post, TikTok announced an expansion of its Content Levels, which group the app’s users by age and restrict the content seen by younger groups.

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Why is TikTok asking for my ID?

Why does TikTok keep asking for my birthday? – It’s normal for TikTok to ask you to verify your age, as there are different rules and features available on the site for different ages. In October 2022, the app announced they would be raising the minimum age requirement to host a live from 16 to 18.

Why are some of my settings restricted on TikTok?

What is restricted mode on TikTok? – On their, they explain: “Restricted Mode is an option at the account settings level that limits the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for all audiences. It can also be used for anyone that wants to filter out certain types of content on the app. Unsplash: Solen Feyissa TikTok is a hub of viral content. In February 2022, some users reported that their accounts had suddenly and possibly incorrectly been switched to restricted mode. Sign up for your free Dexerto account and receive: Ad-lite Mode | Dark Mode | Deals in gaming, TV and Movies, and tech If you want to disable restricted mode, do as follows:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Tap the three lines at the top, then click ‘Settings and privacy.’
  4. Scroll down, and click ‘Content preferences.’
  5. Select ‘Restricted mode,’ and use a passcode to turn it off.

However, as some people appear to have been affected by a glitch, it means they don’t know the passcode that allows them to turn off restricted mode. If your account has suddenly been switched to restricted mode and you are unable to turn it off, you can contact TikTok about the issue via their official on Twitter.