How To Call Usa From Australia

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How To Call Usa From Australia
For calls to USA from Australia dial: 0011 + 1 + area code + telephone number. For calls from USA to Australia dial: 00 + 61 + area code + telephone number.

What is the country code for the USA is it 011 or 001?

001 001, O01, or OO1 may refer to:

, a number, a numeral 001, fictional British agent, see 001, former emergency telephone number for the fire brigade (until 1986) AM-RB 001, the code-name for the sports car 1992 OO1, the asteroid 1997 OO1, the asteroid O01, an allele, see O01 Heussler Hamburg Heliport, see 001, or +1 is the telephone ; which includes Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. 001, also known as the Princess of Klaxosaurs, is a character and the central antagonist from, Player 001, a character from the South Korean survival drama,, an electric vehicle produced by Geely

Topics referred to by the same term This page lists articles associated with the same number. If an led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Retrieved from “”

How do I make an international call from Australia?

Guide on how to make calls from Australia to overseas: –

Enter the exit code (The Australian exit code is ‘ + ‘ or ‘ 0011 ‘) Enter the phone number (Enter the phone number, including the area code. If the area code or number begins with ‘0’, drop the ‘0′ when you dial.)

How do I call a US 800 number from Australia?

How to Get an American Phone Number – Time: Takes About 1 minutes Description: Here are the steps to getting a US Phone Number Necessary Items: Computer or Telephone Go to the Select your country Under the “Select Your New Phone Number” dropdown, select America as the country Select your number type Depending on whether you wish to purchase a toll free number, a UIFN number, or a number based on geographic location Enter a destination phone number On the right of the “Select Number Type” area, add your current telephohne number View Rates Click on “View Rates and Try for Free” to see rates Select a plan & features Select a plan and any options that you are interested in Enter contact info Make sure to enter your name and other required information Check out and add payment info Follow through to checkout and select your preferred payment method. Note whether you want to turn the free trial on or off. F A Q | Call the US from Australia How To Dial a US Local Number from Australia? Dial the exit code 0011, next dial the US country code 1, and then the Area Code, followed by the local number xxx-xxx.

Dial 0011-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx. How To Dial a US Toll Free Number from Australia? Dial the exit code 0011, next dial the US country code 1, and then the Area Code, followed by the local number xxx-xxx. Dial 0011-1-866-xxx-xxxx. How To Dial a US Mobile Number from Australia? Dial the exit code 0011, next dial the US country code 1, and then the Area Code, followed by the local number xxx-xxx.

Dial 0011-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx. How To Get Started Sign Up Online, Instantly

Is +1 the same as 011?

Tips – Here are additional tips to keep in mind when you want to call an international number.

  • Always remember that 011 is the prefix for North America. If calling from a country other than the United States, you’ll need to locate the country’s IDD.
  • Sometimes people list international phone numbers with a “+” sign before the phone digits. You can use the “+” symbol in place of “011” if dialing from a cell phone. The “+” sign is usually the same key as “0” on a smartphone’s keypad.
  • Some countries share a country code. For example, Canada, the United States, some places in the Caribbean, and Guam share “1” as a country code.
  • Countries with different methods for calling mobile and landline phones may require a number after the country code. For instance, you must dial “1” after the Mexican code ( “52” ) to reach mobile phones.
  • Some smaller countries don’t use city codes. In such a situation, you’ll have to dial whatever phone number you have.
  • Ask them for it instead of looking it up whenever someone doesn’t give you a city or area code, even if you know their address. A person’s current address isn’t always the same as their area code. That’s because a phone number doesn’t have to be in the same place it was acquired.

What is the +1 before a US number?

Why is the 1 before our phone number Related Article: Looks like no one’s replied in a while. To start the conversation again, simply Why is the + before our # iPhone 8, iOS 15 Posted on Jan 13, 2022 6:35 AM When you receive a call your carrier sends the number the call is from.

Officially, all calls to US numbers begin with a “+1” because that is the region code for North America and the Caribbean (technically, the North American Numbering Plan or NANP). That’s why your phone displays a “1” before the number; it really is part of the number. Some phone companies also require the 1 to precede a number that you call, to distinguish the call from a 7 digit “local” call, and most phone companies require it before toll-free numbers like 800, 888, etc).

But, as phone companies are moving away from 7 digit “local” calls all calls will require all 10 digits soon, if not already. Where I live it’s been a requirement for almost 20 years. Further, “area codes” have become meaningless, because people keep the same phone number as they move around the country.

  1. For example, my daughter has an east coast area code, even though she lives now on the west coast.
  2. So rather than have a number that is area code+exchange+line everyone has a totally meaningless 10 digit number, preceded by a “1”.
  3. Posted on Jan 14, 2022 8:28 AM Page content loaded International calling prefix.

“1” is USA, so is added to mine everywhere. Because you are reporting this, I assume you are in the US as well. Also a 10-digit requirement in USA + many countries, is for all ‘local calls’. Local carriers ‘drops the call’ from in area sourced phones. A recording says +1 is not needed.

~ While all other 10-digits, now are required with all calls. (This affects all calls, land-line & cellular; and roll-out was last month here.) Hopefully that means something. In my region, it’s an inconvenience. A proliferation of non-local cellular devices could be the causative agent. Good luck & happy trails! ☺︎ Someone put a code into my phone in 2019,

Then I noticed that everyone I called when they called me back they would have the +1. I called every phone company, Nobody knew why it was there. Over 2 years now everyone has it. With the plus 1 whomever controls my laptop. With plus 1 they go through your phone through google to computer and take over.

  1. Police will not hear it.
  2. As they don’t know about the internet and the future crime it brings.
  3. It’s beyond there knowledge.
  4. We are doomed with this +1.
  5. I know I have been living it for 3 years.
  6. When you receive a call your carrier sends the number the call is from.
  7. Officially, all calls to US numbers begin with a “+1” because that is the region code for North America and the Caribbean (technically, the North American Numbering Plan or NANP).
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That’s why your phone displays a “1” before the number; it really is part of the number. Some phone companies also require the 1 to precede a number that you call, to distinguish the call from a 7 digit “local” call, and most phone companies require it before toll-free numbers like 800, 888, etc).

But, as phone companies are moving away from 7 digit “local” calls all calls will require all 10 digits soon, if not already. Where I live it’s been a requirement for almost 20 years. Further, “area codes” have become meaningless, because people keep the same phone number as they move around the country.

For example, my daughter has an east coast area code, even though she lives now on the west coast. So rather than have a number that is area code+exchange+line everyone has a totally meaningless 10 digit number, preceded by a “1”.

  • Recent letter (bulk rate USPS) from main service provider this region, dated Oct 24 2021:
  • ” 10-digit Dialing Will Now Be Required for All Local Calls “
  • Dear Neighbor:

Starting on October 24 2021, the FCC has mandated that all phone calls will require dialing the full 10-digit phone number, including area code. That means that all residents (AK) regardless of their service provider, will need to dial ‘9xx’ before seven-digit numbers, even when making a local phone call. There is no change to dialing 911 for emergency calling.

  1. What do you need to do?
  2. • Begin using full 10-digit phone numbers when dialing local calls.
  3. • Make sure your mobile contact entries include full 10-digit local number, including ‘9xx’.
  4. • Reprogram any call forwarding or local phone features to start with ‘9xx’.
  5. • Reprogram local business phones to start with ‘9xx’.
  6. • Reprogram all local services, automatic dialing equipment, or other types of equipment to complete calls using a 10-digit number. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  7. •Fax machines
  8. •Fire of burglar alarms
  9. •Security systems or gates
  10. •Life safety systems or medical monitoring devices
  11. •Emergency elevator phones

If you are a business customer with a Managed Voice phone system, Gxx will reprogram your phones. No action is required by you. However, if you are a business or small business customer, with additional lines that are not Managed Voice, you are responsible for reprogramming those systems.

  • Thank you.
  • Your Neighbors at ‘Gxx’
  • +=+=+=+
  • A call on landline, (suspicious) from their business number in my Caller-ID
  • from ‘this local business’ the call initiator had a non-regional accent. And
  • asked more than usual questions,
  • On further inquiry, the woman said she was calling, as ‘Contractor for ‘Gxx’

from the Philippines. I politely begged off the call and hung up. Before I

  1. could provide them any more personal details they wanted to harvest.
  2. An unusual call, and an example of call spoofing that some recent calls show
  3. in landline phone, or cellular CallerID, who’ve called lately. I pick up the phone,

& say nothing. Most non-robotic callers would say something, into the silence. The automated calls, hang up. Those even with ‘local area code’ will not accept return calls; with or without the +1. That’s because more often, they’re faked. Harder to get rid of those, too.

Never talk first. Let a ‘mystery caller-device’ do so. Reporting those calls becomes suspect when an alleged return call from foreign country (or not) asks for addition phone numbers, or info an official would’ve had. Contents of actual letter: manually transcribed. I hadn’t tossed it into shredder.🌻 The plus 1 is how the hackers are getting in and destroying the world.

I have the paper trail but nobody wants to believe. As I watch them take over. It’s TRUE. That FCC stuff you say I don’t believe. I know the plus takes your call where they want your call to go. It’s from the dark web. Someone has big plans to destroy us. Hyperventilation is how they make you see things that weren’t there at all, in the first place.

  • I’ve requested of the hosts, to at least allow me to “un-follow”
  • from this ASC thread; & no reasoning can get through to you.
  • Double-lock your doors & windows, it’s ‘All-Hallows-Eve’ for you! 🤪

That is utter nonsense. The + is a shortcut for “011”, the international dialing code, and means the number that follows is a country code. Other countries have a different international dialing code; for example, in Europe it is “00” So if you were in Europe the + would mean 00.

Here in the US if you wanted to call someone in the UK (country code 44) you would enter +44 followed by the UK phone number, and your phone would actually send 011-44-the number. If you were in the UK and wanted to call the US you would enter +1 followed by the number, and your phone would send 00-1-the number you were calling.

+1 just means North America. Why is the 1 before our phone number : Why is the 1 before our phone number

Do you have to dial 1 in us?

When did the dialing change begin? – As of April 24, 2021, you have the ability to dial the area code + telephone number for all local calls and we encourage you to do so. If you forget and dial just 7 digits, your call will still be completed. Beginning October 24, 2021, you must dial the area code + telephone number (or 1 + the area code + telephone number as applicable) for all local calls.

Which country code is +1 00?

United States Country Code 1 Country Code US

Local Time Time Zone
Monday, August 21, 2023 Washington UTC/GMT -4 hours
Daylight Saving Time
Weather Difference
Washington, United Statesis X hours ahead of you is your complete guide to make a call from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. This page details United States phone code. The United States country code 1 will allow you to call United States from another country. United States telephone code 1 is dialed after the IDD.

National Dial Codes
USA/Canada Toll Free +1-855
North America Toll Free 48 Contiguous +1-800
USA/Canada Toll Free (800) +9-999
virtualNumberType_description_USTF-ALL +(888, 877, 866, 855, 844)
North America Toll Free British Virgin Islands +1-800
North America Toll Free Canada +1-800
NANP Toll Free +1-800
virtualNumberType_description_USTF-GUAM +(888, 877, 866, 855, 844)
USA/TollFree-Payphone +1-855
North America Toll Free US Virgin Islands +1-800
USA/Canada Toll Free (True 800) +1-800


City Dial Codes Abilene +1-325 Akron +1-330 Akron +1-234 Albany +1-518 Albany +1-229 Albuquerque +1-957 Albuquerque +1-505 Alexandria +1-320 Alton +1-730 Alton +1-618 Anaheim +1-657 Anaheim +1-909 Anaheim +1-752 Anaheim +1-714 Anchorage +1-907 Ann Arbor +1-734 Ann Arbor +1-278 Arlington +1-703 Arlington +1-571 Asheville +1-828 Ashland +1-606 Atlanta +1-404 Atlanta +1-770 Atlanta +1-678 Atlanta +1-470 Atlantic City +1-609 Augusta +1-762 Augusta +1-706 Aurora +1-331 Austin +1-737 Austin +1-512 Baltimore +1-667 Baltimore +1-443 Baltimore +1-410 Baton Rouge +1-225 Bellevue +1-425 Bellingham +1-360 Bethesda +1-240 Bethlehem +1-610 Bethlehem +1-484 Bethlehem +1-835 Billings +1-406 Biloxi +1-228 Birmingham +1-659 Birmingham +1-205 Bloomington +1-952 Boise +1-208 Boston +1-857 Boston +1-617 Brattleboro +1-802 Brentwood +1-631 Bridgeport +1-203 Bridgeport +1-475 Brooklyn +1-718 Brooklyn +1-347 Bryan +1-979 Burbank +1-818 Burbank +1-747 Camden +1-856 Cape Coral +1-239 Cedar Rapids +1-319 Champaign +1-447 Champaign +1-217 Charleston +1-843 Charleston +1-681 Charleston +1-304 Charlotte +1-980 Charlotte +1-704 Chattanooga +1-423 Chicago +1-872 Chicago +1-773 Chicago +1-312 Chicopee +1-413 Cicero +1-708 Cicero +1-464 Cincinatti +1-283 Cincinnati +1-513 Clarksville +1-931 Cleveland +1-440 Cleveland +1-216 Columbia +1-573 Columbia +1-803 Columbus +1-614 Columbus +1-380 Concord +1-925 Corpus Christi +1-361 Dallas +1-214 Dallas +1-972 Dallas +1-469 Daly City +1-764 Daly City +1-650 Danville +1-276 Davenport +1-563 Dayton +1-937 Daytona Beach +1-386 Denton +1-940 Denver +1-720 Denver +1-303 Detroit +1-313 Detroit +1-679 Dodge City +1-620 Duluth +1-218 Eau Claire +1-715 Eau Claire +1-534 Edison +1-848 Edison +1-732 El Paso +1-915 Elizabeth +1-908 Elmira +1-607 Erie +1-814 Escondido +1-760 Escondido +1-442 Eugene +1-541 Eugene +1-458 Evansville +1-812 Fargo +1-701 Fayetteville +1-910 Flint +1-810 Fort Lauderdale +1-954 Fort Lauderdale +1-754 Fort Smith +1-479 Fort Wayne +1-260 Fort Worth +1-682 Fort Worth +1-817 Fresno +1-559 Gainesville +1-352 Galveston +1-409 Gary +1-219 Grand Junction +1-970 Grand Rapids +1-616 Grant +1-231 Green Bay +1-920 Green Bay +1-274 Greensboro +1-336 Greenville +1-864 Hamilton +1-254 Hammond +1-985 Hartford +1-959 Hartford +1-860 Hempstead +1-516 Honolulu +1-808 Houston +1-832 Houston +1-713 Houston +1-281 Huntsville +1-938 Huntsville +1-256 Huntsville +1-936 Indianapolis +1-317 Iowa City +1-515 Irvine +1-949 Jackson +1-769 Jackson +1-601 Jackson +1-731 Jacksonville +1-904 Jersey City +1-551 Jersey City +1-201 Jonesboro +1-870 Kansas City +1-913 Kansas City +1-975 Kansas City +1-816 Kearney +1-308 Kenosha +1-262 Kingston +1-845 Knoxville +1-865 Lafayette +1-337 Lafayette +1-765 Lakeland +1-863 Lancaster +1-717 Lancaster +1-740 Lansing +1-517 Laramie +1-307 Laredo +1-956 Las Cruces +1-575 Las Vegas +1-702 Lawton +1-580 Lexington +1-859 Little Rock +1-501 Long Beach +1-562 Los Angeles +1-323 Los Angeles +1-310 Los Angeles +1-213 Louisville +1-502 Lowell +1-978 Lowell +1-351 Lubbock +1-806 Lynchburg +1-434 Lynn +1-339 Lynn +1-781 Macon +1-478 Madison +1-608 Manchester +1-603 Mankato +1-507 Marshall +1-660 Mason City +1-641 Medina +1-830 Memphis +1-901 Miami +1-786 Miami +1-305 Milwaukee +1-414 Minneapolis +1-612 Mobile +1-251 Montgomery +1-334 Naperville +1-630 Nashville +1-615 New Castle +1-724 New Orleans +1-504 New York City +1-917 New York City +1-646 New York City +1-212 Newark +1-973 Newark +1-862 Niagara Falls +1-716 Oakland +1-510 Oakland +1-341 Odessa +1-432 Oklahoma City +1-405 Omaha +1-531 Omaha +1-402 Orlando +1-927 Orlando +1-689 Orlando +1-407 Orlando +1-321 Otsego +1-269 Owensboro +1-364 Owensboro +1-270 Philadelphia +1-445 Philadelphia +1-267 Philadelphia +1-215 Phoenix +1-623 Phoenix +1-602 Phoenix +1-480 Pittsburgh +1-878 Pittsburgh +1-412 Plymouth +1-763 Pomona +1-626 Pontiac +1-248 Port St Lucie +1-772 Portland +1-971 Portland +1-503 Portland +1-207 Providence +1-401 Pueblo +1-719 Raleigh +1-919 Raleigh +1-984 Redding +1-530 Reno +1-775 Richmond +1-804 Riverside +1-951 Roanoke +1-540 Rochester +1-585 Rock Island +1-309 Rockford +1-815 Rockford +1-779 Rocky Mount +1-252 Sacramento +1-916 Saginaw +1-989 Salinas +1-831 Salt Lake City +1-801 Salt Lake City +1-385 San Antonio +1-210 San Diego +1-935 San Diego +1-858 San Diego +1-619 San Francisco +1-628 San Francisco +1-415 San Jose +1-408 San Jose +1-669 Santa Barbara +1-805 Santa Clarita +1-661 Santa Monica +1-424 Santa Rosa +1-627 Santa Rosa +1-369 Santa Rosa +1-707 Sarasota +1-941 Sault Ste Marie +1-906 Savannah +1-912 Scranton +1-570 Seattle +1-206 Seattle +1-564 Shreveport +1-318 Silver Spring +1-301 Silver Spring +1-227 Sioux City +1-712 Sioux Falls +1-605 South Bend +1-574 Spokane +1-509 Springfield +1-417 St. Charles +1-636 St. George +1-435 St. Louis +1-314 St. Louis +1-557 St. Paul +1-651 St. Petersburg +1-727 Starkville +1-662 Stockton +1-209 Stockton +1-209 Syracuse +1-315 Tacoma +1-253 Tallahassee +1-850 Tampa +1-813 Toledo +1-419 Toledo +1-567 Topeka +1-785 Troy +1-947 Tucson +1-520 Tulsa +1-918 Tyler +1-430 Tyler +1-903 Virginia Beach +1-757 Warren +1-586 Washington +1-202 Waukegan +1-847 Waukegan +1-224 West Palm Beach +1-561 Wichita +1-316 Wilmington +1-302 Worcester +1-774 Worcester +1-508 Yonkers +1-914 Yuma +1-928

ul> Lat/Long


English 82.1%, Spanish 10.7%, other Indo-European 3.8%, Asian and Pacific island 2.7%, other 0.7% (2000 census)

Mobile Phones

Internet Hosts

Internet Users

Weather data powered by : United States Country Code 1 Country Code US

What do you dial for international calls from Australia?

0011 + Country Code + (Area Code + Telephone Number) You will also need the area code and the number of the person you are calling.

How do I call a 1 800 number from outside the US?

Can I call 1800 numbers from the landline? – Yes, you can call the 1800 number from the landline by following the same dialing format for the landline: To call 1800 numbers from the landline dial xxx (country’s international exit code) + x xx (International country code) + 1800xxxxxx (toll-free with landline number).

To call an 1800 number (Toll-free Number) from Landline follow the below step: Step 1: Go to the dial-up mode of your phone Step 2: (For international calling, know your country’s exit code.) *Type the Exit Code* Step 3: Find out that country’s ISD code *Type the ISD code* Step 4: Type the Toll-free Number (1800/1300/800/888) Step 5: Enter the business’s phone number Step 6: Hit the Call Button.

Example: To call Apple’s Toll-free Number for Business from the landline, Dial 001-1- 800–854–3680. Where,

001: Indonesia dial-out code, 61: Australia country code, 1300-369-095: Apple store’s small toll-free number for small businesses.

Note: According to countries, the landline number varies between six-digit numbers to ten-digit numbers, and also there’s no specific general rule for determining to call any country 1800 landline number from another country.

How do I call a US 800 number from outside the US?

Calling US/Canadian toll free numbers from abroad using a landline or local SIM card – If this is your only choice for dialing a toll free number it’s worth a try, although it is the least likely to work. If it does work the call will not be free. Normally, to call a toll free number registered in the US, Canada or any other country using the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) from abroad you should use the dialing instructions we provide on this site.

US toll free number 1 800 555 5555 would be dialed from the UK by adding 00 or the plus sign: 00 1 800 555 5555 or +1 800 555 5555 Canadian toll free number 1 888 999 9999 would be dialed from the US as is because both countries use the NANP

Another way to dial North American toll free numbers from abroad is to replace the 3 digit toll free codes with different codes introduced years ago:

880 replaces 800 – so the example UK to US call above would become: 00 1 880 555 5555 or +1 880 555 5555 881 replaces 888 – again, the example US to Canada call above would be: 1 881 999 9999 882 replaces 877 883 replaces 866

These codes were originally introduced for calls to toll free numbers dialed between NANP countries, allowing the caller and the call receiver to each share their part of the cost (the caller would pay international charges and the callee would pay their national toll free rate).

Can I call US 800 numbers internationally?

How to call international toll-free numbers from a cell phone – If you’re making the call to a United States toll-free number from outside of the country, you’ll need to enter:

  1. The country code (“1”)
  2. The free number prefix (e.g. “800”)
  3. The number (e.g. “123-4567”)

Please note that some companies will not connect calls made from outside the country. If you need to call 1-800 numbers based in another country, you’ll need to enter:

  1. Your country’s exit code (“011” for the U.S.)
  2. The international prefix for the country you’re calling (e.g. “800” or other)
  3. The number

Note that foreign free numbers also have “800” area codes, and some are part of the Universal International Freephone Service. But don’t confuse them with regular telephone numbers. They have a different format and may not be recognized by U.S. phone carriers. Find more information in the “Dialing from abroad” section below.

What is +1 on a phone?

1 – United States, including United States territories: 1 (340) – United States Virgin Islands.

What does +1 mean on international call?

‘+’ signifies the international dialing prefix, ‘1’ indicates the country code, in this case USA.

Do you drop the 0 when dialing an international mobile number?

To use the previous example: –

Country code: +44National destination code: 7911Subscriber number: 123456The result: +447911123456

Two important things to note: First of all, in the international E.164 notation a leading ‘0′ is removed. The UK mobile phone number ‘07911 123456′ in international format is ‘+44 7911 123456′, so without the first zero. Secondly in the E.164 notation all spaces, dashes and parentheses are removed, besides the leading ‘+’ all characters should be numeric.

How do you put a US phone number in international format?

For example, if a contact in the United States (country code ‘1’) has the area code ‘408’ and phone number ‘XXX-XXXX’, you’d enter +1 408 XXX XXXX. Note: Make sure to remove any leading 0s or special calling codes.

How do I call a US mobile from overseas?

Calling USA from Australia: US Country Code Need help figuring out how to call your American friends and family from Australia? You’ve come to the right place.

  • When calling a US phone number, the country code of +1 needs to entered, followed by the US area code and a local number in order to complete the call.
  • E.G – To dial the USA number (212) 361 4595 from an Australian mobile, you’d dial: +1 212 361 4595
  • If calling from a landline, replace the + sign with 0011 followed by 1 (US country code) and then the US area code and local number.
  • Enjoy unlimited talk and text to the USA and 27 other countries on amaysim’s,

Looking for international roaming to use in the USA instead?, want unlimited international standard calls to the USA? Our great-value SIM-only mobile plans have you covered Understanding international dialling codes can be quite tricky. You need the country code, the area code.

How do I call a US number for free?

Download Article Download Article Calling the United States (US) from India requires you to dial India’s exit code, followed by the US country code and recipient’s 10-digit telephone number. Extra fees and charges may apply when making international phone calls from India to the US, so be sure to check with your phone provider for current rates.

  1. 1 Dial 001 using your telephone’s keypad. “00” is the exit code for India, which must be dialed when making international phone calls. The “1” is the country code for the United States.
    • If you are calling from a mobile phone, you can substitute the “00” for the “+”, usually located on the 0-digit key. You can usually select it by clicking and holding until the “0” switches to a “+”.
    • You will then continue to dial the country code and telephone number as usual. For example, +1 (555) 555-5555.
  2. 2 Dial the recipient’s 3-digit area code. All US telephone numbers are assigned a 3-digit area code based on the city and state. There are currently 291 area codes in the US!
    • Visit the All-Area Codes website at for help with identifying the correct area code for the telephone number you’re dialing.
    • If the phone number is a mobile number, the area code may no longer represent the geographic region the owner is actually located in. Contact the person via mail or email if you do not have this portion of the phone number.


  3. 3 Dial the recipient’s 7-digit phone number. The last 7 digits, along with the 3-digit area code, make up a totally unique phone number to every line in the US. The 7-digit phone number may exist across any or all of the 291 area codes, though.
  4. 4 Press “Send” on your telephone to initiate the call. If your phone does not begin to ring after dialing the last digits, you will need to press a “Send” or “Call” button. The recipient’s telephone will now start ringing.
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  1. 1 Sign up for Skype to call the US for free from India. Skype is an internet voice-over-IP service created and owned by Microsoft. You can sign up to use their services for free, and calls to any mobile or landline in the United States from India are currently free of charge. You will simply dial the number and go!
    • Skype also offers video-chat services. If the recipient in the US also has Skype, you can video chat for free as well.
    • You will simply need to sign up for the service, download Skype’s calling software to your computer or mobile phone, and then log in to place calls.
  2. 2 Look for mobile calling applications. Many mobile applications today offer same-app to same-app calling for free. For example, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (also owned by Facebook), and Apple’s Facetime allow data calls for free to users of their services.
    • These calling services tend to use data instead of minutes. It is best to be on a Wi-Fi network or have a large allotment of data to avoid any overages if calling in this way.
  3. 3 Sign up for Rebtel if your data or cell plan is limited. Rebtel is a newer service that offers free international calling between Rebtel users (a free account on a free mobile app). Instead of using data or international minutes like other services, Rebtel makes a call to a local number, and then they handle the international connection to the call on the backend.
    • Rebtel is currently free to use, but it does offer competitive rates if you are calling an international number that cannot sign up for Rebtel.
    • You can download the app on both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store.
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Find out what time it is in the US before making telephone calls to avoid contacting people too early in the morning or too late at night. Visit the official US Time website at to determine the current time in the region you’re calling.

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Contact your residential or wireless service provider prior to calling the US to confirm applicable rates and fees for making international calls. Most telephone service providers charge additional rates for outgoing international phone calls.

Advertisement Article Summary X If you want to call someone in the US from India, start by dialing 00, which is the exit code for India. Then, dial 1 for the country code for the US, and add in the recipient’s 3-digit area code. From here, you can dial the person’s 7-digit phone number and begin calling them.

How do I call a US number outside the US?

If you’re looking to call a US cell phone while abroad, you need to call the exit code to reach the US (0011) + the US country code (1) plus the area code and phone number you’re trying to reach in the United States.

How can I call USA for free?

3. FreeTone/TextMe Up/Text Me: Make Free Phone Calls to the US and Canada – FreeTone, TextMe Up, and Text Me are all essentially the same free phone number apps with different color schemes. FreeTone is a seafoam greenish-blue, TextMe Up is light blue, and Text Me is nearly royal blue.

  1. They all provide a free phone number for calling and texting, and they all offer a free phone number app for Android If you download FreeTone and make an account, you’re given a number.
  2. If you then download TextMe Up, you’ll automatically be signed in with the same number.
  3. They’re all made by the same company, TextMe.

We’re not sure why it chose to make three separate apps. Whichever app you end up downloading, they all work well. Calls and texts to the US and Canada are free, but you can purchase credits to call internationally. There’s also a web messenger that you can log into on any device using the built-in QR code scanner.