How Many Words For A 5 Minute Speech

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How Many Words For A 5 Minute Speech
How many words are in a 5-minute presentation? – A five-minute presentation is approximately 700 words long. The average person speaks 120 to 160 words a minute, which means the average five-minute presentation is 600 to 800 words. To calculate your own personal speaking speed (words per minute, or WPM):

  1. Make an audio recording of yourself speaking for one minute.
  2. Use a free transcription service to generate a text version of your speech.
  3. The number of words you spoke in that minute is your personal WPM.

When constructing a longer presentation, you might be more concerned about transitions and keeping the audience engaged with more extensive narrative elements. In a short presentation, everything you say should directly tie back to your central premise and further advance your main point.

How long of a paper is a 5 minute speech?

Depends on what size of text andsize of line spacing. A better guide is to go by word count. A good pace is around 120–130 words per minute so that works out at 600–750 words for a 5 min presentation, which is around 1–1.5 pages at 12 point text.

Can I say 1000 words in 5 minutes?

750 words is 5 minutes of speaking time. How minutes is 1,000 words? 1,000 words is 6.67 minutes of speaking time.

How long does 350 words take to speak?

Word counts for other speech times – If you’re looking for word counts for other common speech times, you’ll find them below. As with the 5-minute speech word count, this is a rough guide because the times vary depending on the length and syllables of words in your speech.

Speech time Fast talker (175 wpm) Average speed talker (150 wpm) Slow talker (125 wpm)
1-minute 175 words 150 words 125 words
2-minute 350 words 300 words 250 words
3-minute 525 words 450 words 375 words
4-minute 700 words 600 words 500 words
5-minute 875 words 750 words 625 words
10-minute 1750 words 1500 words 1250 words
15-minute 2625 words 2250 words 1875 words
20-minute 3500 words 3000 words 2500 words

How long should a 500 word speech take?

Common conversions (average speed) –

How long does it take to read 500 words? 3.8 minutes
How long does it take to read 650 words? 5 minutes
How long does it take to read 1000 words? 7.7 minutes
How long does it take to read 1300 words? 10 minutes
How long does it take to read 1500 words? 11.5 minutes
How long does it take to read 1950 words? 15 minutes
How long does it take to read 2500 words? 19.2 minutes
How long does it take to read 3900 words? 30 minutes
How long does it take to read 7800 words? 60 minutes

How many words is a 5 to 7 minute speech?

Edit and Sharpen – Having zeroed in on the topic and exhausted all your thoughts, begin to focus on the objectives of the speech. Evaluate your words. A good rule of thumb is that a five- to seven-minute speech should be around 800 words. Like a great sculptor who chisels on a block of marble until a beautiful shape is created, you now need to take that rough block of written ideas and give it some form.

  • Think of your central idea and then reread what you’ve written.
  • Cut whatever isn’t necessary to what you are trying to say.
  • Be ruthless.
  • Break up long sentences and use simple words to make it easier to internalize and deliver.
  • Use visual reminders to guide your delivery.
  • Having pared down your speech to the right amount of words, read it as you would like to deliver it.

Tailor your fonts or use symbols to give you visual cues on your speaking tone in different spots in the script. Decide where you want to speak ~softly~ and where you want to speak loudly, Leave some space if you want to give a pause. Use question marks or exclamation points for further reminders.

  1. Be aware of time constraints.
  2. One aspect of a good speech is adhering to time limits, so pay close attention as you practice.
  3. While it is important to convey what you wish to say, it is equally important to say it within the allotted time.
  4. Respect the agenda.
  5. If you’re allotted 10 minutes for a presentation, people will grow annoyed if you go on for 20 minutes.

On the Toastmasters side, it can be devastating to deliver a great speech in a contest but get disqualified because you exceeded the time limit by a few seconds. I once witnessed the disqualification of an otherwise outstanding speech when the speaker went too long over the allotted time.

How many words is a 5’6 minute speech?

For anyone who has to give a speech, one of the first questions that usually comes to mind is, “How many words is that going to be?” The problem is there is no set answer to this question. The number of words needed for a speech will depend heavily on the person giving the speech.

Some people speak slowly when giving a speech while others speak quickly. Those who speak quickly will need to write more words for each minute of their speech than those who speak at a slower pace. That being said, there are some general guidelines which can help you make an educated guess at approximately how many words will be needed for a speech.

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The general rule for speech giving is 100 to 200 words per minute. With this in mind, a 10-minute speech would require 1,000 to 2,000 words, The WordCounter speaking time detail defaults 150 words per minute (an average speed which would give a result of 1,500 words, as this is the recommended speed for audiobooks to be read at for best listening), but you can use the options section to adjust to a slower or faster pace.

Simply click on “Options” then the “Details” tab and then the wrench next to the “Speaking Time” button. If want to know how many words per minute (WPM) you personally say when giving a speech, you can use a timer to time yourself, then input that number into the options section. Time yourself for one minute of your speech, then copy to where you made it into WordCounter to see how many words you speak per minute.

This will give you a more accurate estimate of how many words you must write for however long the speech you need to make will be. It’s important to remember that speech patterns can increase when a person is nervous. This means that even when determining the number of words needed for a 10-minute speech when practicing at home by yourself, you may actually need more during the actual speech if you get nervous.

  • While the number of words in a speech will depend heavily on how fast or slow the person giving the speech speaks, for those who are looking for a basic estimate of how many words would be in a speech, you can use the following estimates.
  • These estimates use the average speaking pace of 150 words per minute to estimate.

How many words in a 1-minute speech? There are 150 words in a 1-minute speech. How many words in a 2-minute speech? There are 300 words in a 2-minute speech. How many words in a 3-minute speech? There are 450 words in a 3-minute speech. How many words in a 4-minute speech? There are 600 words in a 4-minute speech.

  1. How many words in a 5-minute speech? There are 750 words in a 5-minute speech.
  2. How many words in a 6-minute speech? There are 900 words in a 6-minute speech.
  3. How many words in a 7-minute speech? There are 1050 words in a 7-minute speech.
  4. How many words in an 8-minute speech? There are 1,200 words in an 8-minute speech.

How many words in a 9-minute speech? There are 1,350 words in a 9-minute speech. How many words in a 10-minute speech? There are 1,500 words in a 10-minute speech. How many words in a 15-minute speech? There are 2,250 words in a 15-minute speech. How many words in a 20-minute speech? There are 3,000 words in a 20-minute speech.

How many words in a 25-minute speech? There are 3,750 words in a 25-minute speech. How many words in a 30-minute speech? There are 4,500 words in a 30-minute speech. How many words in a 45-minute speech? There are 6,750 words in a 45-minute speech. How many words in a 1-hour speech? There are 9,000 words in a 1-hour speech.

How minutes is 250 words? 250 words is 1.67 minutes of speaking time. How minutes is 500 words? 500 words is 3.33 minutes of speaking time. How minutes is 750 words? 750 words is 5 minutes of speaking time. How minutes is 1,000 words? 1,000 words is 6.67 minutes of speaking time.

  1. How minutes is 1,500 words? 1,500 words is 10 minutes of speaking time.
  2. How minutes is 2,000 words? 2,000 words is 13.33 minutes of speaking time.
  3. How minutes is 2,500 words? 2,500 words is 16.67 minutes of speaking time.
  4. How minutes is 3,000 words? 3,000 words is 20 minutes of speaking time.
  5. How minutes is 4,000 words? 4,000 words is 26.67 minutes of speaking time.

How minutes is 5,000 words? 5,000 words is 33.33 minutes of speaking time. How minutes is 7,500 words? 7,500 words is 50 minutes of speaking time. How minutes is 10,000 words? 10,000 words is 66.67 minutes of speaking time. (Photo courtesy of Scott Schiller )

Can you write a speech in an hour?

One of the biggest obstacles to writing a speech is time. Again and again, clients will tell me, “I simply don’t have the time to prepare. From the moment I get into the office, I have back-to-back calls all day. How do I find the time?” There is no alternative to preparation.

  • However, given time constraints, I’ve devised a system of helping you write a speech – when necessary – in 30 minutes,
  • Don’t have 30 minutes? Take one minute and think about the potential of your speech.
  • If your speech is effective, could it change the behaviors of your employees, your volunteers, your neighbors? Could it have a direct, positive impact on the success of your business or nonprofit? On your reputation? If so, isn’t it worth it to spend 30 minutes on the speech instead of another meeting or phone call? Let your sense of purpose help you prioritize.

Here is my advice on how to write a speech when you only have 30 minutes.

Find a quiet room, close the door, and turn off your digital devices. If you are writing on a computer, turn off email notifications, It’s important to give yourself a clear head to think. Personally, I start this process in the morning before I even check the day’s emails. Take 3 deep breaths before you begin, in order to focus your mind (See my article in the Harvard Business Review on breathing). Ask yourself the 3 Questions : Who is your audience? What is your goal? Why you? It’s essential that you know who will be in the room during your speech, what you want them to do as a result of hearing you speak, and why this subject is important to you. This strategic preparation will help you think of material to use in the speech itself. Think of one main message. What is the main message you want to get across? Which examples, data, and stories can you use to illustrate that message? Try to include both numbers and stories to make an impact on everyone in your audience. Draft your speech in bullet points, not word-for-word. With only 30 minutes to prepare, you don’t have time to write a script. Simply outline your main points – you’ll fill in the rest as you practice. Think about unique ways to engage your audience (see my blog post on the topic). Write out your first and last sentences. The first and last sentences are the most important parts of any speech (see my blog posts about unique ways to open and close your speech). Keep it simple. With limited time to prepare a speech, avoid using slides. You are better off focusing on the content of your speech rather than the design of your slides. Print out your bullet points in large font. It’s OK to bring notes with you to a speech. Print out the bullet points in large enough font, on single-sided paper, and write page numbers at the top.

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At this point, your first draft of the speech is finished. Now, here are 3 ways to practice the speech.

Read the speech out loud and time yourself, Make sure the language sounds like your own words as opposed to your organization’s jargon. Make sure you are keeping to the allotted time – we tend to underestimate the length of our speech until we read it out loud. Practice and record yourself with your smart phone, It is so important to see how you look on camera before you stand in front of an audience. Think about your body language and your vocal tone – do your movements and tone match your words? Close your eyes. Envision yourself giving a powerful speech from start to finish. Picture the standing ovation at the end and let yourself feel that sense of accomplishment. Research shows that we remember visualizations in the same part of our brain as actual memories, so imagining a speech helps us feel like we’ve actually delivered it.

While I always recommend spending at least a week preparing your speech, reality sometimes dictates otherwise. In only 30 minutes, you can write a clear and concise speech. Spend a little more time on practice and delivery, and you will give a more confident, authentic, and impactful speech.

How long is 1700 words spoken?

How Many Words Are in a 10 Minute Speech? – Most speakers have 1300 – 1700 words in a 7 minute speech, with the average at ~1400 words.

How many words is 5 minutes fast?

Word Count per Speech Length

Speech Length Slow (100 wpm) Fast (160 wpm)
1 minute 100 words 160 words
5 minutes 500 words 800 words
10 minutes 1,000 words 1,600 words
15 minutes 1,500 words 2,400 words

Can I do 1000 words in 2 hours?

How Long Does It Take To Write 1,000 Words? Here’s how much time you’ll need to finish your next writing project Are you trying to hit a word count goal of 1,000 words and want to know how long it takes? Even though 1,000 words sounds like a lot to type out, it’s easy to finish within the day when you’re focused.

  • Writing 1,000 words at an average typing speed takes about 25 minutes or less.
  • If you need to do light research for the writing topic, 1,000 words takes about 1–2 hours.
  • Give yourself 3–4 hours to write 1,000 words if you need to do heavy research, citations, or editing.
  1. 1 Typing 1,000 words without research: If you type with an average speed of 40 words per minute (wpm) and whatever comes to your head, then you’ll be able to get 1,000 words on the page within a half hour.
  2. 2 Typing 1,000 words with minimal research: 1–2 hours If you need to or article about a topic you’re familiar with, then you probably won’t have as much research to do. While you may need to spend a little time looking for sources, the actual writing will go by quickly. Advertisement
  3. 3 Typing 1,000 words with research, editing, and formatting: 3–4 hours For a really thorough paper or blog post, chances are you’ll have to spend a few extra hours doing research, finding citations, and looking for graphics that can add to your writing time.
    • If you plan on handwriting 1,000 words, it may take an additional hour or so.
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  1. 1 Research It’s okay if you’re unfamiliar with a topic for an academic essay or article, but you’ll probably need extra time to and become an expert. Since you want the most reliable and accurate information, set aside an extra hour or two to find the perfect sources to cite in your writing.
    • Researching is an ongoing process, so you may need to continue doing it even after you start writing. It’s tough to say how much time researching takes since it depends on how well you know the topic and how detailed of information you need.
  2. 2 Editing & rewriting While you should always give yourself time to proofread when you finish, editing and rewriting sentences while you’re creating your first draft eats up a lot of time. Since you’re changing sentences as you’re writing them, your total word count will keep fluctuating and you may not make as much progress.
    • Editing and proofreading will probably take at least 30–60 minutes, but it could take longer if you need to reword sections of your writing.
  3. 3 Slow typing speed Even though the average typing speed is around 40 wpm, it’s tough to maintain it consistently while you’re writing and researching. Your typing speed slows down to around 5 wpm when you’re finding sources or if you hunt and peck keys individually, so it may increase your total writing time.
    • Take a typing speed test to determine your average words per minute.
  4. 4 Writer’s block Are you stuck trying to figure out the perfect words to describe your scene when you’re ? Maybe you’re not sure how to articulate your thoughts on your research or what direction to go with your paper. When you’re waiting for that inspiration to strike, it may take a little thinking time before you add more to your word count.
  5. 5 Outside distractions It can be really tempting to throw on your favorite TV show for background noise or check your phone, but they’re pulling you away from your writing. Whenever you’re in a loud or busy spot, it may make you write more slowly as you try to maintain your focus.
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  1. 1 Prepare an outline before you start. Think of your outline as a roadmap for your entire piece of writing. For, define the main point you’re trying to convey and organize the points you’re making so they logically flow into each other. When you’re, organize the events in the plot so they reach a climax near the end.
    • If you already have all the points you want to hit on outlined, it saves you time since it’s a lot easier to fill in the information without wondering what’s coming next.
  2. 2 Set incremental writing goals. Rather than cramming all of your writing into one sitting, split your writing into multiple chunks of time. Set a timeline for the day split into multiple writing sessions where you can just focus on your work. Once you reach your word count goal, it’s okay to stop but don’t be afraid to keep writing if inspiration strikes.
    • Example: Make a goal to finish 250 words in 30 minutes before taking a short break.
    • Reward yourself when you reach your writing goal by taking a walk, having a small treat, or playing a video game so you stay motivated.
  3. 3 Block distractions while you’re writing. When it’s time to write, set your phone to Do Not Disturb and let others know that you’re focusing on your writing so they don’t interrupt you. Turn off your other electronics and clear your workspace as well to, Try to write uninterrupted for about 15–20 minutes at a time so you make good progress.
    • Step away from your writing every 30 minutes to stretch your legs, get some water, and catch up on notifications before you dive back in.
  4. 4 Practice good typing posture. Sit up straight with feet flat on the floor. Put your fingers in the correct spots on the middle row of keys so it’s easier to, Avoid looking at your hands while you’re typing to help and accuracy.
  5. 5 Wait until you’re finished to, Reworking the same sentence right after writing it can take up a lot of extra time, so just keep moving on. It’s okay if your writing isn’t perfect in the first draft as long as you get across the main idea you’re trying to convey. Once you complete the entire draft, take a short break before coming back to proofread and make changes.
    • If you’re stuck in a certain spot of your writing, jump to a different section and keep going. You’re always able to come back and fill in areas when you have a better idea of what you want to write.
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Word Count Slow (5 wpm) Average (40 wpm) Fast (60 wpm)
100 words 20 min 3 min 2 min
250 words 50 min 6 min 4 min
500 words 1 hr 20 min 13 min 8 min
1,000 words 3–4 hrs 25 min 17 min
1,500 words 5 hrs 38 min 25 min
2,000 words 6 hrs 40 min 50 min 33 min
3,000 words 10 hrs 1 hr 15 min 50 min
4,000 words 13 hrs 20 min 1 hr 40 min 1 hr 10 min
5,000 words 16 hr 40 min 2 hrs 1 hr 20 min
7,500 words 25 hrs 3 hrs 2 hrs
10,000 words 33 hrs 4 hrs 2 hr 40 min
20,000 words 67 hrs 8 hrs 5 hrs 30 min
25,000 words 83 hrs 10 hrs 7 hrs
30,000 words 100 hrs 12 hrs 8 hrs
50,000 words 167 hrs 21 hrs 14 hrs
100,000 words 333 hrs 41 hrs 28 hrs

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Can you say 2000 words in 10 minutes?

How many words are there in a 30-minute speech? – If you are a slow speaker, a little less than 3,600 words. If you speak at an average speed between: 3,600 – 4,800 words. If you are a fast speaker between: 4,800 – 6,000 words. Return to Top

Is 1500 words per minute possible?

The average college professor reads 675 wpm. Speed readers can read 1,500 wpm. The world speed reading champion reads 4,700 wpm. The average adult reads 300 wpm—barely more than an eighth grade student.

Can you speak 500 words in 3 minutes?

How many words are there in a 30-minute speech? – If you are a slow speaker, a little less than 3,600 words. If you speak at an average speed between: 3,600 – 4,800 words. If you are a fast speaker between: 4,800 – 6,000 words. Return to Top