How Does Bumble Work

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How Does Bumble Work

How does Bumble work for a guy?

How Bumble chats work for men. However, for men, there is one major difference: If you’re a man that’s matched with a woman, you can’t send her a message first. Instead, the woman needs to send the first message. In a same-sex match, though, either person can initiate a conversation.

Is Bumble for hookups or dating?

Survey Says Bumble Users Are Burned Out on One Thing in Particular In an era of constant communication, consumption, and connectivity, our users are telling us loud and clear that they’re completely burned out on bad relationships. In fact, we’re going so far as to say that, based on national survey we conducted in March, the hookup era is over,

Bumble users are looking for commitment: 85% of Bumble users are looking for marriage or a boyfriend/girlfriend. Bumble is not known as a marketplace for hookups: Less than 4% of men and less than 1% of women on Bumble are looking for a hookup. New connections are formed every day: 25% of Bumble users went on a first date with someone they met on Bumble in the last month. Men are attracted to women who make the first move: 63% of men said that “women making the first move” was influential in making them want to use Bumble. Women on Bumble are confident first movers: 97% have messaged their matches in the last month.

: Survey Says Bumble Users Are Burned Out on One Thing in Particular

Is Bumble better or tinder?

Bumble vs Tinder: Which Dating App Should You Choose?

  • You can send voice messages on Bumble. Tinder has song and contact info-sending chat features.
  • Tinder offers 1 free tier and 3 paid tiers with increasing amounts of benefits. Bumble offers 1 free tier and 1 paid tier.
  • Bumble is known for giving women more control over the conversation, as they message first when matching with a man. If you match with someone of the same gender or a nonbinary person, anyone can start the conversation.
  • Overall, Bumble tends to be a slower experience due to its extensive profiles and message restrictions. Tinder is often faster-paced and more casual.
  • Bumble offers a variety of models beyond dating, including Bumble BFF for finding friends and Bumble Bizz for networking.
  1. Tinder and Bumble’s interfaces are pretty similar. They both have a profile edit menu, a swiping view, and a screen with all your chats and matches.
    • The profile edit menus are both arranged linearly, allowing you to change your photos, interests, and bio. There’s an option to preview your profile in both apps.
    • Swiping is where things start working differently. On Bumble, you look through profiles by swiping up to see more photos and information. On Tinder, you tap the left and right sides of a profile tile to quickly see more photos; there’s an info button that shows you their full profile.
    • The chats and matches screens are arranged the same way on both apps. Matches in a horizontal carousel at the top, chats in a list below that. Bumble has an advantage with a search button, in case you want to look for a match by name.
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  1. Profiles are largely the same on both apps. They feature typical dating app components like photos, interests, bios, and social media integration.
    • Photo limit: Bumble has a limit of 6, while Tinder is higher at 9.
    • Pronouns: Bumble has a dedicated pronouns section, while Tinder does not.
    • Prompts: Bumble’s profile editor has a list of prompts that integrate directly into your profile. For example, you could add the prompt “I’m a real nerd about” and enter an answer like “board games.”
    • Profile strength: Both apps feature a “profile strength” number, which measures how complete your profile is. Bumble goes a step further and guides you through profile completion — when you click the Bumble profile strength button, a menu pops up with what you’re missing.
  1. 1 Bumble has a few unique features that help you find connections and start conversations.
    • Bumble lets you if the match expires (a paid feature).
    • On Bumble, messaging has a few intentional restrictions, Women make the first move when they match with a man. (If the user matches with someone of the same gender or someone who is nonbinary, either person can initiate the conversation).
    • Another Bumble restriction is that someone has to send the first message within 24 hours of matching or the match will expire. After that, you can no longer message that person. Additionally, the other person has to respond to the first message within 24 hours, or the match will expire.
  2. 2 Tinder has a stronger focus on different ways to find dates.
    • Tinder has an Explore page where users can scroll through different interests and activities. Clicking on one will take the user to a swipe screen with people who share that interest. For example, clicking on the Coffee Date tile will show you other potential matches that want to go out for coffee.
    • Tinder’s Top Picks page shows you a limited selection of profiles that the app thinks would be a good match for you.
    • Tinder offers a range of paid features, including the ability to undo swipes and access more detailed profile information, which can be helpful in some situations.
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  1. 1 Both apps have messaging systems — Bumble and Tinder both have:
    • Text messaging
    • Video chatting
    • GIF sending
  2. 2 Bumble has a few unique chatting features.
    • Unlimited question prompts – you can send these at any time while talking with your match
    • Voice messages – send a short audio clip of you talking to your match
    • Covid preferences – click this in the more options menu to see your match’s covid preferences
  3. 3 Tinder also has a few distinct chat options.
    • One opening question – you can shuffle through the options, but you can only send this at the start of a conversation
    • Send a song – you can search and send a song to your match
    • Send contact information – quickly send you phone number, Snapchat, and other social media information to your match
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  1. 1 Bumble’s safety features range from personal safety to emotional wellbeing. There are informative articles, how-to guides, and resources in the “Safety & Wellbeing” section of the app.
    • The categories of information include “Mental exhaustion,” “Feelings of rejection,” “Harmful behavior,” and “Bumble to IRL.”
    • There are resources like the Crisis Text Line and National Domestic Violence Hotline. Each resource has a number to call or text, and a website with more information.
    • The Get help from Bumble button allows you to report a safety concern directly to Bumble.
  2. 2 Tinder also has several safety features in the app.
    • There are guides on harassment, safety, meeting IRL, consent, and travel.
    • Tinder has a couple quizzes to help you learn about safe online dating and the community guidelines.
    • Tinder lists safety resources and their contact information. For example, Planned Parenthood and the National Human Trafficking Hotline.
    • The Report Someone button lets you describe an experience you had on Tinder. Then, the Trust & Safety team at Tinder investigates the situation. Reporting someone removes their account from your match list and won’t appear while swiping.
  3. 3 Tinder also partners with companies to provide additional safety features:
    • Garbo is a non-profit background check platform. They provide 2 free background checks to every Tinder member.
    • Crisis Text Line lets you text directly with a trained Crisis Counselor at any time, about any crisis.
    • Noonlight is a platform for meeting people safely. In the Noonlight app, you can silently summon help to your location, save details of an upcoming meeting, and add friends to your network. Noonlight connects to your Tinder account. Tinder adds a badge to your chat threads indicating that you have Noonlight.
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  1. 1 Bumble offers a fully functional dating app with the free tier.
    • The basics are all in there: swiping, matching, and chatting.
    • Bumble bff is completely separate from the dating component. You make a different profile (on the same Bumble account) and swipe on a pool of matches looking for friends. You can quickly switch between BFF and Dating in the app.
    • Bumble bizz is another entirely separate matching pool. It’s intended for networking and meeting people who share similar career interests.
  2. 2 Tinder is also a complete swipe-based dating app in the free tier.
    • The basic features are the same as Bumble: swiping, matching, and chatting.
    • Tinder allows you to upload a 2-second video called a Loop, It takes up a picture slot and plays on repeat when people view your profile. It’s a fun way to add a bit of personality!
    • Swipe Night is an interactive choose-your-own adventure game. No spoilers, but it’s about what you would do if the world were ending. After completing the game, you can find matches based on the choices you made.
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  1. 1 Tinder has 1 free tier and 3 paid subscription tiers. You’ll start on the free tier by default. The paid tiers have 3 levels of increasing features :
    • Tinder Plus gives you unlimited likes and rewinds, the ability to swipe in any location, and hides the advertisements.
    • Tinder Gold lets you see who likes you, gives you more top picks, 5 Super Likes a week, 1 Free Boost a month, and everything in Tinder Plus.
    • Tinder Platinum allows you to message before matching with someone, have prioritized likes, see the likes you’ve sent in the last 7 days, and everything in Tinder Gold.
  2. 2 Bumble just has 1 paid tier above the default free tier. It adds the following features:
    • See who likes you in advance
    • Apply as many advanced swiping filters as you want
    • Change your location with Travel mode to swipe in different areas
    • Enable Incognito mode to be shown only to people you swipe right on
    • All Boost features (SuperSwipe, Spotlight, Backtrack, and more)
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  1. It depends! Both apps offer a complete online dating experience. It comes down to what you’re looking for and what features you like.
    • Bumble is the clear winner if you want an app with a more extensive profile builder and conversation-starting restrictions. These features might encourage users to include more personal information and message more people. The 24-hour first and second message aspect of Bumble adds a sense of urgency to messaging (which can be great for getting the conversation going). Bumble tends to be less casual than Tinder, being more intentional and respectful.
    • Tinder is the champion app if you’re looking for a fast-paced swiping experience. The (typically) shorter profiles and quick photo viewing means you can go left or right faster than on Bumble. Tinder tends toward a more casual experience. If you’re looking for a casual and streamlined approach to meeting new people, or prefer a more established and widely-used platform, this might be the better choice.
    • It’s worth mentioning that the vibe and atmosphere of each app varies depending on where you live. If one app doesn’t quite seem like the right fit for your preferences, try the other one!

Question How do you make a good impression on Bumble? Dating Coach & Matchmaker Laura Bilotta is a Dating Coach, Matchmaker, and the Founder of Single in the City, her dating and relationship coaching service based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With over 18 years of experience, she focuses on helping singles date more intentionally, encouraging them to let go of negative patterns so that they can attract the love that they deserve. Her experience, skills, and insights have led to thousands of successfully united over 65,000 singles through events and one-on-one matchmaking coaching sessions. She has been the host of The Dating and Relationship Show on Global News Radio 640 Toronto (AM640) for 6 years and is known as The Hookup Queen of Clubhouse; her popular singles club, Single in the City, has over 95.5K members who regularly join in weekly dating and relationship-focused rooms. To make a strong impression, you should start by creating a complete and engaging profile that accurately represents who you are and what you’re looking for in a potential partner. Your profile picture should be high-quality and clearly show your face, while your bio should highlight your interests and personality. Making a good first impression on Bumble requires a combination of effort, sincerity, and engagement.

Ask a Question Advertisement Thanks for reading our article! If you’d like to learn more about dating apps, check out our in-depth with, Written by: Dating Coach & Matchmaker This article was written by and by wikiHow staff writer,, Laura Bilotta is a Dating Coach, Matchmaker, and the Founder of Single in the City, her dating and relationship coaching service based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With over 18 years of experience, she focuses on helping singles date more intentionally, encouraging them to let go of negative patterns so that they can attract the love that they deserve. Her experience, skills, and insights have led to thousands of successfully united over 65,000 singles through events and one-on-one matchmaking coaching sessions.

She has been the host of The Dating and Relationship Show on Global News Radio 640 Toronto (AM640) for 6 years and is known as The Hookup Queen of Clubhouse; her popular singles club, Single in the City, has over 95.5K members who regularly join in weekly dating and relationship-focused rooms.

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Do girls message guys first on Bumble?

Connection is a two-way street. Before a conversation can get off the ground both members have to have swiped to the right to create a match. DATE MODE: Members who have First Move privileges will be able to send the first message directly from the “You Matched ” screen, which appears once two members match, or you can go to your connections screen by tapping the grey logo in the bottom right-hand corner to view and message your matches.

Remember: First Moves are time-sensitive in both Date and BFF modes! You have 24 hours from the time you match with someone to send the first message. If you’re feeling nervous about how to break the ice on Date mode, try using our Question Game, Keep in mind that on Bumble, women Make the First Move by sending the first message.

If you don’t have First Move privileges you have to wait for the other member to send the first message. Once they do you will be able to reply to them to lock in your connection. Remember: You have 24 hours to respond to a First Move! If you see that a connection is expiring soon you can use your daily 24-hour extend feature to give them a little more time to break the ice.

BFF MODE : Either member will be able to send the first message directly from the “You Matched ” screen, which appears once two members match, or you can go to your connections screen by tapping the grey logo in the bottom right-hand corner to view and message your matches. BIZZ MODE: Because networking can sometimes be a bit more of a process, Bizz Mode works a little differently.

Once a match is established, members with First Move privileges have seven days to send the first message from the “You Matched!” screen or their connections. From the time the first message is sent, members without First Move privileges have seven days to respond in order to lock in the connection.

Why is no one liking me on Bumble?

Causes of No Matches on Bumble – There are four common reasons for not receiving any matches on Bumble.

  • Your profile hasn’t been filled out properly : You’ve left a lot of details blank, which keeps your profile from being shown to the most relevant users. Maybe you only have a photo or two that doesn’t show off how great you look, so it doesn’t catch users’ attention enough and they end up swiping left to pass.
  • Your settings aren’t configured right : In your settings, you can choose up to two filters (with a free account) to help you find the most relevant matches. You can also expand or narrow your distance for the locations of the profiles you see.
  • You’re picky with who you swipe right on : You could be missing out on matches without even knowing it because you’re only swiping right on the best of the best profiles that you come across.
  • You’re not a good fit for Bumble : Bumble users are typically looking for serious relationships, so if your profile suggests the opposite, this might explain why you’re getting a lot of passes and no matches.

What is the 24 hour rule on Bumble?

In heterosexual matches, women have 24 hours to make the first move before the connection expires. Once they’ve sent their first message, their match has 24 hours to respond, or the connection expires. In same-sex matches, either person is encouraged to make the first move within 24 hours.

  1. The other person has 24 hours to respond, or the connection expires.
  2. We understand that our users are busy and may not always be able to get to a new match within 24 hours.
  3. To help with this, we provide each user with one free Extend per day to allow them extra time to lock in a special connection (learn more about Extend here ).

With our Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium subscriptions, you can extend an unlimited number of matches and even Rematch with expired connections (more about Boost here ). Did you find this helpful?

Why don’t I get any matches on Bumble?

Dating can be tough but don’t be discouraged! A great way to increase your chances of making a match is by fully filling out your profile. Follow this checklist to optimize your account:

Add six high-quality photos – Having quality photos that clearly show your face can help you get the results you’re looking for. Use portrait mode and the timer on your phone to work all your angles. Verify your profile – This shows users you’re the real deal! Have a thoughtful bio – The more specific you are when talking about your hobbies and interests, the easier it is for admirers to connect with you over shared passions. Bonus tip: If you don’t have first-move privileges, consider adding a conversation starter to your bio to make it easier for matches to send that nerve-wracking opening message. Add Profile Prompts – The more information you have about yourself, the better! Use every inch of your profile to help you stand out from the crowd and show that you’re invested in your search for meaningful connections. Link your Spotify and Instagram accounts – This gives users a chance to see more of what you are all about! Fill out your Basic Info Badges – The more information you fill out, the higher your chances are of appearing in other users’ search results.

For more tips on how to improve your profile, check out the Buzz, 💛 Did you find this helpful?

What are the rules for a girl on Bumble?

Creating new connections has never been easier. Bumble is working to standardize unprecedented rules for respectful behavior. Because of Bumble’s dedication to safety and empowerment, millions of people are using the app to build valuable relationships every single day.

  • Bumble is committed to changing the rules of the game.
  • At Bumble, women make the first move.
  • In heterosexual matches, the woman has 24 hours to make the first move and the man has 24 hours to respond.
  • In same-sex matches, either person has 24 hours to make the first move.
  • The other individual has 24 hours to respond or the connection expires.

By encouraging our users to be bold and make the first move, we’ve seen over 3 billion messages sent to date!

What should a girl say first on Bumble?

What should I say in my first Bumble message? – Your first Bumble message should ask an open-ended question, offer a compliment, or mention something in their profile. All three methods prompt a response, which is your ultimate goal with an opening line.

What is the trick to Bumble?

#2. Swipe At The Right Time – According to Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe, activity on the app peaks at around 6pm, If you can swipe, match, and message in “real time,” it’s easier to lock in the date or phone number before she gets distracted by someone or something else.

Is sexting allowed on Bumble?

What is digital consent? – Consent is when someone gives you an enthusiastic “yes” to a specific intimate or sexual request. In order to get the “heck yes,” you must first ask if the intimate or sexual digital behavior is wanted. At Bumble, sending any sort of sexual content without consent isn’t allowed and could result in having your account banned,

  • The reason for this? Consent is crucial, and sending unsolicited lewd imagery, sending sexual messages, trying to have virtual sex, or even sending sexually suggestive emojis or gifs without the consent of the other person could make them feel uncomfortable, triggered, or violated.
  • While you may be miles away from the person you’re messaging, any of the above behaviors could be considered sexual harrassment if they are unwanted or unwelcome—and, in the case of sending lewd images without consent, a criminal offense in some jurisdictions, including in Bumble’s home state of Texas,

Keep in mind that asking for consent is necessary even if you’ve engaged with this person intimately before. A person’s feelings about engaging intimately can change from month to month and even day to day. Boundaries and comfort levels can even change in a single conversation; if, for example, you’re talking with someone about how much you like kissing, and then start talking about how much you like oral sex, it might be unwelcome.

What kind of guys are on Bumble?

The Types of Guys You Meet on Different Dating Apps Online dating has come a long way in past few years, and instead of the shot-in-the-dark approach to finding your new squeeze, new dating apps increasingly cater to specific niches. Want a fitspo workout partner? Try SWEATT! More specifically—are you into bacon? Try Sizzl! (Or don’t, I’ve heard it’s ).

Naturally, different types of apps attract different types of users. I would know, I’ve tried most of them. Here I present you with a general rundown of the varying stereotypes of men you’re likely to meet on these popular dating apps. Matchmaking begins after the break. Bumble Guy Bumble guy is pretty progressive.

He’s nice, smart, and professional. Bumble guy went to Yale and works at a cool, socially conscious start-up. He respects women; on this app, women must make the first move in order to start conversing. He’s smart, sensitive, and kind of handsome without being intimidatingly hot.

  • Like, he has a cool beard but still wears ugly shoes.
  • That’s okay, cuz he would basically be the dream dude—if only he was a little more fun.
  • Let’s be honest, Bumble guy is a bit on the serious side.
  • Try getting a few laughs outta him—otherwise, it might feel like going on a date with your professor.
  • Are you into that? I am, for a little while.

But not forever. Pickup line: “My nieces and nephews are really adorable. What kind of parent do you think you’ll be?” Raya Guy Raya guy has a cool job. Like, an intimidatingly cool job. He’s the creative director/photographer/graphic designer for rock stars, and he has thousands of Instagram followers.

  • His friends are all famous influencer types and they’re Always Having A Good Time™.
  • Or at least, that’s what it looks like online.
  • You’ll go on two amazing dates, and discuss art, sex, and the industry, and then you’ll never see him again because he’ll takeoff to work on a Very Famous Person’s album and start dating a “selfie model” with more Instagram followers than you.

You know this because you follow his Instagram, obsessively. Pickup line: “I’m flying out to L.A./NYC /London/ Argentina/Singapore tomorrow, but I’d love to take you out tonight and name-drop all my famous friends.” The League Guy Within the first three minutes of texting with The League guy, he’ll tell you how many businesses he owns, what kind of car he drives, where he went to school, and what kind of furnishings he has in his apartment.

He’s a doctor with three practices in Jersey but comes to the city every weekend to stay in his parent’s spare apartment in Murray Hill and hit the clerrrbs. The League guy likes grand gestures to show you how impressively important he is—box tickets to a sporting game, perhaps a non-committal invite to an out of state polo tournament, are his calling card.

This might all sound like fun for a little while, but don’t be fooled: The League guy feels entitled to everything. Including you. Pickup line: “I’m kind of a big deal.” Tinder Guy Tinder Guy is a guy you’d never meet in your real life. He’s like a vacation from your reality because Tinder connects people that, quite frankly, you would and should never cross paths with IRL.

  • Tinder guy could literally be anyone.
  • He could be a bus driver, he could be a cute guy who works in finance, or he could be a school teacher.
  • Who knows?! It’s like playing Russian Roulette.
  • That can be a bad thing, and it can also be a good thing, depending on what you’re looking for.
  • You don’t know too much about him because he never bothered to fill in his profile—it’s just selfies in his dirty bathroom and dated vacation pics.

None of this matters, though, you’re only looking for someone to shag away the heartache from your recently ended five-year relationship. Pickup line: “Wanna bone?” Happn Guy Happn guy lives in your neighborhood. So depending on where you live, Happn guy will vary.

  • Happn guy in my neighborhood is a musician and part-time art handler/production assistant (I live in Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York).
  • You’ll never actually go on a date with Happn guy.
  • Happn is just a fun game to look at while you’re waiting for the subway.
  • Pickup line: “Are you home?” OkCupid Guy OkCupid guy lives in a basement and only comes up for air every six months.

Actually, I’m not exactly sure—I stopped using OkCupid over a year ago because of all the weird unwarranted sexual advances. I’m pretty sure it’s just spam bots and neck beards now.

Pickup line:”Hi.””Hi.””Hi.””Hi.””Fuck you, bitch” Handy

Handy guy will come over for a date but clean your apartment instead. Kind of strange, but hey, I’m not complaining. You should probably tip him. Pickup line: “Hi, I’m here to clean your apartment.” : The Types of Guys You Meet on Different Dating Apps

Do guys prefer Tinder or Bumble?

Do Guys Prefer Bumble Or Tinder? Which App Is Better? What Dating App Is Better Than Tinder? Difference Between Dating Sites – Some guys like Tinder more because it’s more casual and they can make the first move. Other people like Bumble because of better gender ratios, better quality girls, less bots. It’s up to you.

What age group is on Bumble?

By Priceonomics Which dating app offers the best chance of meeting someone you’re interested in? That’s the question on the minds of people using dating apps. They want to use the app with the largest pool of potential soulmates. It’s also a question that we can help answer.

Using SurveyMonkey Intelligence, our platform for measuring app performance, we did a deep dive into dating app statistics. We used our data to find out more about which dating apps people use most, how much they engage with these apps, and the demographics of different app users. (This analysis does not account for people using services like OKCupid, which offers both an app and a website, on their desktop.) According to the data, Tinder is the most used app in terms of total users, but Bumble has the highest percentage of users between 18- and 29-years-old.

Christian Mingle, Coffee Meets Bagel and eHarmony are the only apps that have a majority of female users — and two of these apps have the highest user turnover week over week. Grindr and Happn have some of the the most engaged users, but for very different reasons. Tinder sits comfortably on the top of the list with a quarter more users than the closest competitor, PlentyOfFish (POF), and two and a half times the market share of OKCupid and eHarmony, which also rank highly. While Tinder, POF and OKCupid are the top competing brands, they are actually owned by the same company: The Match Group. Tinder ranks 2nd in the 18–29 demographic behind Bumble, a service that permits only women to initiate conversations. These two apps are the only services with a clear majority of users in the 18–29 age group; a demographic known for spending a lot of time on their phones. Christian Mingle, Coffee Meets Bagel and eHarmony sit atop the list as the only services with a majority of female users. It is possible that women view these services as more reputable because they are not perceived as “hook up” apps. These are the best dating apps for men (specifically, straight men) in terms of the men-to-women ratio.

On the other hand, the best dating apps for women (at least in terms of having men outnumber the women on the platform) would include most of the apps that aren’t Christian Mingle, Coffee Meets Bagel, and eHarmony. We also looked at how the distribution of the dating services’ users compares to the population of the United States.

This shows which apps are particularly popular in different regions like the South and Northeast. Tinder’s user distribution looks most like the geography of the U.S. population, which speaks to the ubiquity of the service. Black People Meet is the most regional app due to its overwhelming presence in the South. We’ve talked about the demographics of different dating apps. Happn is number one in terms of sessions per day, with more than double the number of sessions of Tinder. Happn is a unique service that uses geolocation data to inform users when they cross paths in real life. This model encourages people to use the app multiple times per day, since they just might have a serendipitous, romantic encounter. Grindr leads the pack for this measure by more than 10%. Grindr is by far the largest dating app geared toward gay and bisexual men, which may lead this demographic to use only Grindr while other demographics split their efforts among multiple services. Weekly churn, the percentage of an app’s weekly user base that did not use the service the following week, paints a similar picture. Grindr users return week over week more consistently than any other dating app users. The weekly churn of Black People Meet is nearly four times higher than Grindr, and the churn of eHarmony is more than 6 times higher. Traditionally a business wants to maximize weekly engagement and minimize churn, but the goal of a dating app is to help its users find a successful relationship.

If the app is successful, users no longer need it! The fact that Christian Mingle, Black People Meet and eHarmony have low weekly engagement and high weekly churn could mean users are unhappy with the service. But it might mean that people are actually finding relationships. *** So which dating app should an eligible bachelor or bachelorette use? These dating app statistics reveal some tips.

Straight men may want to check out Coffee Meets Bagel, while straight women can confidently choose between a number of apps where the gender ratio is favorable. Bumble is a hub for twentysomethings, while Match has the most users in their fifties. But the data also reflects that choosing a dating app is a matter of picking your style of dating.

  • Users engage with Happn frequently — it’s a good choice if you want dating to be a spontaneous, ever-present endeavor.
  • On the other hand, Coffee Meets Bagel users check in infrequently, reflecting its spirit of making online dating a planned, once-per-day routine.
  • A final piece of advice demonstrated by our Survey Monkey Intelligence data: Don’t make enemies of The Match Group, which controls 64% of the dating app world.

If you do, your dating life may be relegated to the analog world. This post originally appeared on June 1, 2016 on the blog of SurveyMonkey Intelligence, a competitive intelligence product for mobile apps.

Do guys use Bumble?

How Does Bumble Work for Men: A Quick Guide to Matches

  • If a man matches with a woman, she has 24 hours to send the first message.
  • If a man matches with a man or nonbinary user, either person can send the first message within 24 hours.
  • After receiving a first message, the individual has 24 hours to respond.
  1. Only women can make the first move. For heterosexual matches, the woman has to send the first message. She has 24 hours to send a message before the match expires. Then, the man has to respond within 24 hours, or the connection will expire.
    • After the initial back and forth messages, there is no longer a time limit on messaging.
    • You can use the Extend feature to increase the first message timer. This means your match has 24 additional hours to start the conversation.
    • You can if the connection expires!
    • If you’re just getting started with Bumble, check out and our expert tips for chatting.
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  1. Either person can make the first move. If a man matches with a man or someone who is nonbinary, either individual can send the first message. If a first message isn’t sent within 24 hours, the match will expire. The other person has 24 hours to respond before the connection expires.
    • After the initial back and forth messages, there is no longer a time limit on messaging.
    • You can use the Extend feature to increase the first message timer. You or your match then have 24 additional hours to start the conversation.
    • After matching with someone, see our expert guide on,
  1. Send a compliment to a potential match. The compliment feature allows you to send a short text message to another user before you swipe on their profile. Anyone can send a complement to any user they see in their swiping pool. Here’s how to do it:
    • Go to the section of the user’s profile you want to compliment. This can be a profile prompt, picture, or bio.
    • Tap the message icon with a heart inside.
    • Type a compliment about the section you selected.
    • Tap the send button in the bottom right. It’s a paper airplane icon.
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Do people still use Bumble?

What is Bumble? – Bumble launched in December 2014. At the end of 2022, there were reported to be 50 million users on the app worldwide (up from 45 million in 2021). Just over 2 million of these users take advantage of Bumble Premium. While the app is designed for daters of all ages, 72% of them are under 35.

The gender ratio is 3:1 (male-female); about 32% of Bumble users are female. The brand markets itself as a dating app for people who are looking for connection. While this can be (and often is) dating-specific within Bumble’s Date mode, the app also has sections for Bumble BFF (seeking new friendships) and Bumble Bizz (for business relationships).

“I appreciate the story of how Bumble was developed and highly recommend it to my clients,” says relationship coach and expert Susan Trotter, Ph.D. According to Trotter, the app “tends to attract good-quality people and empower women in the process by requiring them to initiate the conversation.”

What openers do guys like on Bumble?

What Are Some Tips for Sending the Best Bumble Openers to Use on Guys? –

Be Yourself

Nothing can beat a genuine approach that expresses your authentic self. When you swipe right on Bumble, make sure you are being yourself in your first Bumble message. Do not opt for cliché pick-up lines or generic one-liners. Instead, choose something that you found interesting on their profile (like pics, bio, passions, activities) and express yourself.

Keep It Simple

Men are simple creatures who appreciate a direct approach. This means, the more straightforward your Bumble opening line, the more likely the guy will like it. The more complicated, witty, or sarcastic your Bumble opener, the lesser the chances of the guy willing to reply.

Do Not Be Judgmental

There are all sorts of profiles on Bumble, While some are looking for a casual hangout, others are looking for a long-term relationship. So, based on what you actually want in a guy, approach every bio with an open mind and positive attitude. Send a welcoming Bumble opener that will make the guy excited to send a response and not feel judged.

Keep It Fun

One of the best ways to win a guy’s attention is through humor. So, for your first Bumble message, you can share something funny or a fun incident that you relate to his profile. You can also ask a question in a slightly teasing (not disrespectful) way that will catch the guy’s attention and make him want to have a conversation with you! However, don’t force a joke or sarcasm and instead focus on keeping what you say lighthearted.

Ask Open-ended Questions

Questions make another best Bumble openers and great ice-breakers. The only thing you have to take care of is to go through the guy’s profile thoroughly. Read deep into the profile and pay attention to his hobbies, interests, likes, passions, and so on.

Keep It Playful with Emojis

When you are out of words, use emojis as a shield. From being slightly flirty to fun and playful — you can use emojis to show your creative side and peak the interest of the guy, However, remember not to go overboard with complicated emojis that become less mysterious and more burdensome.

Be Confident

Confidence is a quality that everyone appreciates, So, next time you send a Bumble message, make sure you do not sound anxious, nervous, desperate, or dejected. Instead, be bold. If you like a guy’s profile, DM him saying, “Hey! Your profile bio is awesome and intriguing. I would love to meet you over a coffee to get to know you better.”

Keep It Short And Crisp

Your first Bumble message should be such that it instantly catches the attention of the guy. Your goal should be to break the ice and kick-start the conversation. So, try to avoid paragraphs or chunks of text. Be it an introductory line, question, or compliment — make sure that you keep it short, crisp, clear, concise, and to the point.

Do Not Sound Rude

It is quite common to confuse being bold, confident, and crisp with being rude. However, that is something we would want to avoid. You can be assertive and to the point and still sound sweet. Keep in mind that your opening line for Bumble should make the guy feel comfortable and welcome to reply.

Use Movie One-liners on Movie Buffs

Using filmy one-liners is another way to send your Bumble opening line. For example: “You had me at hello.” (Jerry Maguire), “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” (All About Eve), “Why don’t you come up sometime and see me?” (She Done Him Wrong), or “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” (Casablanca).

Send a Relatable Gif Or Meme

One of the best Bumble openers and probably the most effortless ways to start a conversation is by sending a relatable meme or gif. It will add humor while creating a comfortable and inviting space for the guy to respond. Not everyone loves or gets gifs though, so try to be discerning.

Start a Light Debate

Be it his interest, a political view, a quote he shared, or a hobby — notice what catches your attention on the guy’s Bumble intro. Now you can either send him a question or express your opinion, urging him to reply. Both these Bumble openers will work perfectly in your favor while showing your genuine interest and psyche!

Compliment Something on Their Profile

Compliments are the most straightforward and authentic way to win someone over. So, if you think you are out of words or are nervous enough to come up with a Bumble opening line, praise his photo or profile. The only thing to remember here is to be respectful.

Try a Pick-up Line

Pickup lines also make for good Bumble openers. All you have to do is personalize your Bumble pickup line slightly to make sure it shows your honest interest to the guy. From cheesy and cute to funny Bumble openers — choose the one that best fits the guy’s Bumble profile and maximize your chances of getting his reply!

Invite Them to a Sweet Challenge

If you are one of those women who believe that opening lines for Bumble are slightly cliche, why not swipe right the guy and invite him to a sweet challenge? Be it a quick 20 Questions game or Two Truth And A Lie — throwing a quick and playful challenge will automatically make you stand out from other profiles.

Does Bumble tell you if someone swiped right?

Receiving a notification that someone has liked your profile means you’re on the path to making meaningful connections! This notification is sent when someone has swiped right on your profile but doesn’t mean you have a new match waiting. A match is created once both users have mutually swiped right on each other.

If you’re subscribed to Bumble Premium, you’ll be able to view the Admirer in your Beeline. If you’re having trouble locating the new Admirer, try removing any Advanced Filters and expanding your distance and age filters to introduce them into your Beeline, If you’re not subscribed to Bumble Premium, you will still have the opportunity to connect with the Admirer as you’re swiping.

We recommend taking your time to view each profile and have an open mind when swiping. We don’t want you to miss out on a potential match! If you’re having trouble making a match, try relaxing your filters. It’s possible you’re not seeing the Admirer because they don’t fit within your search preferences.

Is Bumble worth it for a guy?

Women make the first move – Got anxiety making the first move ? On Bumble, women have 24 hours to start chatting with a man they’ve matched with before the connection disappears forever. This alone makes lots of men believe that Bumble is indeed worth using.

If they dislike your profile, they can swipe left and reject you, and you won’t even know it happened. If they like your profile and swipe right, they will send you a chat request (known on Bumble as a “buzz”) which gives men a chance to respond. If a man is not interested in a match, he can swipe left on her profile picture to “mute”.

The advantage of this is that men don’t have to continually respond to women who are on the fence or time wasters. Plus, it helps reduce approach anxiety – a significant factor for men even in a digital space. Now that you’ve got a good overview of how Bumble works, we will explore whether a paid subscription on Bumble is worth it.

Is Bumble a good way to meet guys?

Final Verdict – Downloading a dating app can seem like a big commitment and feel a little bit overwhelming if you’re not sure which to try first since they all have extremely different vibes. Hinge is the best option if you’re looking to get a little bit more serious about app dating.

It gives you more information about potential dates and encourages more meaningful conversations. Raya is ideal if you’re hoping to spot a celebrity or want to network with other like-minded creatives, but it can be difficult to get an invite to it. Bumble is great if you’re hoping to go on a lot of first dates.

The app doesn’t tell you much about people, but it makes it easy to swipe endlessly and start chatting. Think of it more like meeting someone at a bar casually. If you’re looking to date women and want an app exclusively for that, HER is your best bet.

Is Bumble worth for guys?

I would definitely recommend it as a guy. Let’s face it, women who make the effort to ‘like’ you are far more likely to respond to you. However, you can’t view your ‘likes’ if you don’t upgrade your subscription.

Can guys on Bumble see when you look at their profile?

Can Guys On Bumble See When You Look At Their Profile? Can You See Who Viewed Your Profile On Bumble? – Bumble doesn’t notify users if guys on Bumble look at your profile. Similarly, Bumble doesn’t let others know you looked at their profile unless you right-swiped on them or reacted to a photo (which implies you looked at their profile). Guys on Bumble can’t see when you look at their profile.