What Time Does Ross Dress For Less Close Today?

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What Time Does Ross Dress For Less Close Today

What is a best day to buy in Ross?

Shop at Ross stores on Mondays (that’s when markdowns happen). The secret to shopping at Ross for less? Head to the store on Mondays. This is when they do weekly markdowns, meaning you’ll have first dibs on newly added clearance items.

Can you buy stuff from Ross online?

As department stores, specialty stores and big box retailers retrench, discount chains are growing. – Ross ( ROST ), a clothing and home decor chain, recently opened 30 stores and plans to add 70 more this year. It’s aiming for 2,500 stores eventually, up from about 1,500 today.

  • TJX Companies ( TJX ), the parent of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods, is opening 238 stores this year, and Burlington Stores ( BURL ) is opening up to 40.
  • The discounters, also known as off-price sellers, are expanding their physical footprints, even as Americans shop more online and most brick-and-mortar retailers pour cash into their digital operations.

During an era of disruption, these companies have proved resilient — and durable against competition from Amazon. Related: Mall vacancies hit six-year high Ross, which doesn’t have a digital shop, relies on a flexible purchasing strategy to offer top brands at bargain prices, enticing shoppers to head to stores to find clothes they can’t buy online.

Is there a difference between Ross and Ross Dress for Less?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ross Stores, Inc.

Type Public company
Traded as
  • Nasdaq : ROST
  • NASDAQ-100 component
  • S&P 500 component
Industry Retail
Founded 1950 Pacifica, California, U.S.
Founder Morris Ross Bill Isackson
Headquarters Dublin, California, U.S.
Number of locations 1,523
Area served
  • United States
  • District of Columbia
  • Guam
Key people
  • Barbara Rentler ( CEO )
  • K. Gunnar Bjorklund ( Executive Chairman )
  • Michael Balmuth ( President )
  • Michael J. Hartshorn ( COO )
Products Clothing, footwear, bedding, bath, furniture, home decor, jewelry, beauty products, toys, appliances, housewares, and giftware.
Revenue US$ 14.89 billion (2018)
Operating income US$1.61 billion (2015)
Net income US$1.02 billion (2015)
Total assets US$4.87 billion (2015)
Total equity US$2.47 billion (2015)
Number of employees 88,100 (2019)
Subsidiaries dd’s Discounts
Website www,rossstores,com
Footnotes / references

Ross Stores, Inc., operating under the brand name Ross Dress for Less, is an American chain of discount department stores headquartered in Dublin, California. It is the largest off-price retailer in the U.S.; as of 2018, Ross operates 1,483 stores in 37 U.S.

What day does Ross get new stuff?

You can get the best deals by knowing when Ross restocks. Ross restocks and new shipments happen at an irregular schedule, with a bulk of new inventory updated on Monday afternoons. Most Ross stores get new loads daily in the early mornings starting at 6 am or in the evenings after 3 pm.

Why is Ross cheaper?

Ross Dress For Less is cheap due to the way it sources its inventory – If you haven’t already noticed, Ross sells clothes (and other types of items) for far cheaper than large department stores like Macy’s or Dillards. This is because Ross Dress For Less is considered an off-price department store. Off-price retailers Ross Dress For Less and TJ Maxx are competitors and are not part of the same group (Credit: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock) Typically, off-price department stores like Ross Dress For Less will buy overstock or unsold merchandise from larger, full-price designers.

  • Since this is excess inventory or items that simply haven’t sold, Ross Dress For Less is able to purchase them for a fraction of the price.
  • Then, they can offer this wholesale merchandise to customers at a severely discounted price.
  • In addition, Ross Dress For Less is also able to purchase designer items that have small defects or irregularities, making them worthless to large, full-price department stores.

This is one of the reasons why some of the merchandise at Ross looks like it has seen better days.

Why is Ross store so popular?

9. Ross Dress For Less is involved in community initiatives. – Ross Dress For Less makes a commitment to give back to the communities its stores occupy through partnerships with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). The goal of the partnership is to help children achieve their academic success while building their confidence and helping them to lead healthy lives.

Why can t you shop Ross online?

Although Ross is in 36 states and territories, it doesn’t have enough brick-and-mortar stores/distribution centers to make an online store feasible.

Is Ross owned by TJ Maxx?

Ross Stores, Inc. is an American chain of off-price department stores headquartered inPleasanton, California, operating under the name Ross Dress for Less. It is the third largest off-price retailer in the United States, behind T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, both of which are owned by TJX Companies.

How does Ross get there clothes?

Product Sourcing & Human Rights – Ross Dress for Less At Ross Stores, Inc. (“Ross”), which includes Ross Dress for Less and dd’s DISCOUNTS, ethical business practices are at the core of our culture and can be seen every day in the way we treat all of our constituents, from customers and associates to vendors and investors.

This focus on ethical business practices is also reflected in Ross’ policy that we will not knowingly purchase merchandise from any manufacturer involved in the use of child, slave, prison or forced labor. Ross is an off-price retailer with 1,561 stores in 37 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam as of April 29, 2017.

The majority of the apparel, footwear, accessories and home-related merchandise sold in our stores is purchased from suppliers after they have been produced and imported to other retailers’ specifications. Though Ross does not have direct control over the manufacturing processes for these products, we require suppliers to uphold our ethical standards, both contractually and through enforcement.

While Ross orders and imports some products directly through its international buying agents and from manufacturers, they represent the minority of merchandise sold in our stores. For these items, we have additional requirements in place to monitor compliance. Ross’ standards and requirements related to sourcing and human rights are incorporated in various Company documents, including Ross’ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Vendor Compliance Manual, Purchase Orders, Vendor Indemnification Agreements, and Buying Agent Agreements.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is located under Corporate Governance in the Investors section of, and our Vendor Compliance Manual can be found at, Ross communicates its standards and requirements to vendors, buyers and international buying agents during our purchasing processes.

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Which is cheaper Ross or TJ Maxx?

Ross Stores is the cheaper of the two rivals. According to data from investment-management firm Cowen, reported by Bloomberg in 2016, the average item at Ross costs $10; at TJ Maxx its between $14 to $15.

Can you return clothes to Ross Dress for Less?

Contact US | Ross Dress for Less Ross Stores uses a refund verification system. All returns are subject to system verification. Please keep and use your receipt on all return and exchange transactions as there is a limit to the number of no-receipted refunds allowed by the system.

  • A valid picture ID (Driver’s License, State Photo ID, Passport or Military ID) may be required and will be entered into the system for refunds.
  • Please note that your refund may be declined by the system.
  • Refunds, store credit or exchanges will not be given on any merchandise that is used, worn or altered.

A five (5) day waiting period is required for a cash refund on all merchandise purchased with a check. Full refund on merchandise (not used, worn or altered) accompanied by the original receipt within 30 days of purchase will be refunded in the same form of payment in which it was purchased.

If merchandise was paid for with a check, cash will not be issued for five (5) days. Merchandise returns with a receipt older than 30 days will be exchanged or credited with store credit. Merchandise returns without a receipt will require a valid picture ID and if approved by the refund system, will be refunded in the form of a store credit or exchanged at the item’s current selling price.

Refunds will not be given on software that has been opened. Exchange for like merchandise only if software is defective. Retain the original register receipt for Gift Cards. Lost or stolen Gift Cards can only be replaced for the value of any remaining balance by presenting the original receipt.

The Fine Jewelry return policy is the same as the store return policy with one addition: all Fine Jewelry returns or exchanges must have the original ticket attached AND be accompanied by a receipt.Merchandise can only be returned to Ross Stores with a Fine Jewelry Department.The swimwear and lingerie return policy is the same as the store return policy with one addition: all swimwear and lingerie returns or exchanges must have the original ticket attached.

No, merchandise cannot be purchased online. The opportunistic and changing nature of our merchandise does not lend itself to selling over the internet. We do not provide itemized merchandise searches. Because of the opportunistic and closeout nature of our buys, our systems do not track size or color.

To maintain our great prices, we keep all aspects of our business simple. There is no expiration on our Gift Cards or Store Credit. In California, Ross Dress for Less Gift Cards with balances less than $10 are redeemable for cash. Note: Protect your cards like cash. Ross is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

To make way for new merchandise, we regularly mark down slow-selling merchandise. We continue to take markdowns on this merchandise until it sells through. No. We look for manufacturer closeouts. Our product mix is very broad and diverse. We do not buy large quantities of any one item and often do not have the same merchandise in every store, making it difficult to offer catalog shopping.

Yes, if you are shopping on behalf of a charitable organization. For each shopping trip, be prepared to leave a copy of your exemption certificate applicable to the state in which you are shopping with the cashier. Note: If you are a diplomat or other government representative with valid diplomatic identification and passport, be prepared to leave a copy of your exemption document, government exemption card with the store.

No, the company’s policies and agreements with its vendors prohibit it from selling merchandise to any company or person that buys with the intent to resell the goods to someone else. The 55+ Tuesday Discount is a program exclusively for customers 55 years of age or older.

Eligible customers are entitled to 10% off purchases made on Tuesday. If you are eligible, you must notify the associate at time of purchase and may be required to provide an ID to verify your age or date of birth. Note: This discount is only good on Tuesday. (The discount is nontransferrable and the customer must be present to receive the discount.) No.

Ross Stores does not offer any type of bulk sales of merchandise for re-sale. All purchases must be made in person in our stores. If you are having trouble accessing information on the Ross Dress for Less website, please call 800‑335‑1115 for assistance.

Who is the competitor for Ross Dress for Less?

Ross Stores competitors include Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, Macy’s and Burlington Coat Factory. Ross Stores ranks 4th in CEO Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Why do things end up at Ross?

Where Do the Clothes at Discount Stores Come From? Getty Images / Getty Images Sometimes when clothing retailers love bargains (and bargain shoppers) very much, they forgo the traditional department store route and venture off-price. Stores like Macy’s buy clothing from manufacturers under a buy-back clause.

If the merchandise doesn’t sell, the manufacturers have to buy it back. Traditionally, off-price retailers then buy this overstock from manufacturers at a discount, slash prices, and give it a second chance at life. Not all overstock merchandise is sloppy seconds. Overstock happens when department stores overestimate the demand for an item.

Sometimes merchandise is unusual: say, a pair of pleather, cheetah-print overalls. It might also be irregular, with flaws ranging from a tag sewn upside-down or two pant legs with different inseams. Much of the clothing at Ross Dress for Less is irregular overstock from lower-end department stores, like JCPenney.

  1. Even if it’s irregular, overstock merchandise is usually current or from last season, not years old.
  2. Department stores start selling next season’s clothing early, hence those comical swimsuit displays in the middle of winter.
  3. So manufacturers often buy back merchandise from department stores and sell it to off-price retailers all within the same season.T.J.

Maxx, whose parent company also owns Marshalls and HomeGoods, is the biggest off-price retailer in North America. It claims that 85 percent of its merchandise is from the current season and less than 5 percent is irregular. Instead of solely buying overstock merchandise after department stores can’t sell it, T.J.

  • Maxx often buys from brands and designers at the same time as stores like Macy’s.
  • Department stores make a few big orders and buy in an array of sizes and colors, but T.J.
  • Maxx buys new merchandise every week and can buy it piecemeal.
  • So the same in-season, designer items can be found at higher-end department stores and T.J.

Maxx at the same time, only the latter sells them for up to 60 percent off. (And no, T.J. Maxx is not sponsoring this post.) T.J. Maxx can offer discounts because it’s getting a better deal up front. It all goes back to the buy-back clause. Once T.J. Maxx—or any off-price retailer—buys merchandise, it’s responsible for selling it.

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Is Ross a fast fashion store?

But, if you’re looking at Ross from the surface, you’ll argue that Ross is the epitome of fast fashion. – And you’d be right in your theory. Many of their clothes are only built for one season. So why am I praising them for good quality? While shopping at Ross, I’ve learned a few things.

I’ve learned what is a deal and what is a disposable item. I should mention that I am the daughter of the best fashion designer in the world (in my opinion). My mom worked in the clothing fashion industry for about 15 years before she was disabled. She specialized in quality control and her job was to literally check every single garment for the quality of the stitch.

Not a glamorous job, but she loved it. And it taught her (and indirectly me) how to shop for the best quality items, even if you’re buying them from a cheaper store. Believe me when I tell you, my mom and I have went to higher end places (I won’t name names) that have t-shirts for $75 and their stitching is awful.

Does Ross have a shopping app?

About Ross Shop – Ross Shop is a shopping app developed by Catalogues et Offres. The APK has been available since February 2022, Ross Shop has been downloaded 5+ thousand times. It’s currently not in the top ranks. It’s rated 3.98 out of 5 stars, based on 391 ratings.

Why is TJ Maxx better than Ross?

Because T.J. Maxx buys from higher-end boutiques and manufacturers (including designers), you’ll find more and better brands there. Ross buys from less-expensive stores to begin with. Think middle-level department stores like JCPenney.

Does Ross sell real jewelry?

Ross-Simons Gold Collection – Wearing gold jewelry has always been an enduring statement of taste and style. We are delighted to continue this long, longstanding tradition with both classic and modern gold jewelry. Gold delights when featured alone, as it does in our collections of chic gold hoop earrings and bold gold byzantine bracelets,

  • Our gold jewelry is frequently set with precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and especially diamonds,
  • The result is breathtaking: a vast selection of gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and gold earrings that mirror inner beauty and capture the imagination.
  • Your gold jewelry’s hallmark indicates its fineness: karat numbers indicate the gold purity or the portion of the alloy that is gold out of a possible 24 karats (pure gold).

For example, 18kt gold jewelry is 75% gold (18/24), and 14kt gold jewelry is 58% gold (14/24). Our jewelry experts are steadfast and diligent in detailing the karat weights of gold jewelry, ensuring that every jewelry piece delivered to your door is of the caliber you’ve come to expect from Ross-Simons.

The largest deposit of gold is found in South Africa, but Ross-Simons’ gold jewelry is made possible by gold from locations as diverse as Australia, Peru, and Canada. Ross-Simons gold jewelry collection is of the highest quality: it is hallmarked for its gold content and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Unless explicitly stated, none of our gold jewelry is gold-plated or gold-filled.

Hallmark Name Parts Gold Gold %
Pure Gold 24K or 24kt 24/24 100%
22 Karat Gold 22K or 22kt 22/24 91.7%
18 Karat Gold 18K or 18kt 18/24 75%
14 Karat Gold 14K or 14kt 14/24 58.3%
10 Karat Gold 10K or 10kt 10/24 41.7%

Super Deal from: $49.00 Compare: $70.00 Save: $21.00 (30%) Super Deal from: $119.00 Compare: $170.00 Save: $51.00 (30%) Super Deal: $59.00 Compare: $85.00 Save: $26.00 (31%)

What’s better Marshalls or TJ Maxx?

5. Know the differences – John Greim / Shutterstock The TJX family of stores has plenty of similarities, but it’s important to know the differences before you start shopping to save yourself a second trip.T.J. Maxx and Marshalls function like department stores, selling everything from pet supplies to cosmetics.

Sierra sells many of the same products but is geared more toward outdoor apparel and athletic wear. Homesense and HomeGoods focus on furniture and decor. While T.J. Maxx is better known for designer items and jewelry, particularly with its The Runway collection, Marshalls carries more footwear and has an expanded men’s department and a junior department known as The Cube.

Meanwhile, Homesense tends to have a bigger selection than HomeGoods, according to Cosmopolitan,

Why is TJ Maxx so cheap?

– Source: CNN ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Investment strategist: Retailers are talking about ‘unwanted inventory levels’ 01:07 – Source: CNN Retail 15 videos – Source: CNN ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Investment strategist: Retailers are talking about ‘unwanted inventory levels’ 01:07 Now playing – Source: CNN – Source: CNN ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Why Walmart is cutting prices on certain items 02:13 Now playing – Source: CNN – Source: CNN ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=” New Day ” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Products on the shelves getting smaller? You can blame ‘shrinkflation’ 02:22 Now playing – Source: CNN – Source: CNN Business ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Hasbro 3D-prints your face on its action figure toys 01:35 Now playing – Source: CNN Business – Source: CNN Business ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Young shoppers love buy now, pay later. Here’s why that might be a problem 03:44 Now playing – Source: CNN Business – Source: CNN ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Meta launches online store to purchase clothes for your avatar 02:00 Now playing – Source: CNN – Source: CNNI ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Lego is building up its manufacturing footprint in the US 02:32 Now playing – Source: CNNI – Source: CNN ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> The story behind the bag that sold out in 2 minutes 04:20 Now playing – Source: CNN – Source: CNNBusiness ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=” Quest Means Business ” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Here’s how much businesses are raking in from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Source: CNN Business ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Sales are up and prices too. Crocs CEO says brand was ‘too cheap’ 01:48 Now playing – Source: CNN Business – Source: CNNBusiness ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Patek Philippe president welcomes hip-hop and NFT fanatics – Source: CNNBusiness ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Luxury watchmakers see good times ahead as shoppers return – Source: CNNBusiness ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Inflation is pushing up high fashion prices. Luxury buyers don’t seem to mind 02:06 Now playing – Source: CNNBusiness – Source: CNN Business ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> Facebook’s parent company has a brick and mortar store. See what’s inside 00:57 Now playing – Source: CNN Business – Source: CNN Business ” data-fave-thumbnails=”, “small”: }” data-vr-video=”” data-show-html=”” data-check-event-based-preview=”” data-network-id=”” data-details=””> New tech in Walgreens brings mixed reactions, confusion online 03:33 Now playing – Source: CNN Business New York CNN Business — It’s a great time to be a closeout store like TJ Maxx. Traditional brands and retailers are overstocked on clothing, home goods, electronics and other merchandise. In July, they were sitting on $713 billion in inventory, according to the latest data from the Census Bureau. That’s a prime opportunity for “off-price” retailers such as TJX (TJX) – the parent of TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods – as well as Ross (ROST), Burlington (BURL) and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet (OLLI), These chains have flexible buying models and are able to scoop up unwanted merchandise from suppliers at steep discounts to their initial wholesale price. Unlike brands and stores that lock in their inventory six months to a year in advance, TJX and other off-price chains buy surplus merchandise to sell it right away. They also capitalize on orders that have been canceled or when companies manufacture too many items. And if a designer changes the style or color of a dress, for example, off-price stores are happy to take it and sell it on the cheap. If the price is right, these companies will also buy some merchandise and store it away for future seasons – a practice known as packaway. By buying goods cheap and controlling costs with limited advertising budgets, off-price stores can sell designer names and mid-range brands anywhere from 20% to 60% below regular retailers’ prices. Companies and analysts say the current inventory pileup across retail is the ideal environment for off-price chains. The inventories of Nike (NKE), Gap (GPS), Kohl’s (KSS), Target (TGT) and other companies have ballooned from a year ago. “We effectively have a few seasons landing in the marketplace at the same time,” Nike (NKE) CEO John Donahoe said on a call with analysts last month. Factory closures last year and in 2020 delayed shipments, as did widespread container ship shortages and supply chain backlogs. Inflation also has pinched shoppers’ pockets, leading them to pass on discretionary items. Companies now are aggressively marking down their excess goods to stimulate customer demand. They’re also packing away some goods to try to sell them in future seasons, diverting more merchandise to their own outlet stores and canceling orders from suppliers. But those strategies won’t be enough to clear out the glut. And the beneficiaries of this deluge will be off-price chains. “This will all waterflow over into them,” said Brett Rose, the CEO of wholesale distributor United National Consumer Suppliers, which works with stores and brands. Rose’s company is shipping 40% more volume to off-price chains from the same time a year ago. “We are seeing extraordinary off-price buying opportunities in the marketplace,” TJX CEO Ernie Herrman said in August. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, a closeout chain with more than 400 stores offering housewares, flooring and outdoor goods, is finding “opportunities like we have not seen for a long time,” CEO John Swygert said last month. “Canceled orders, excess inventory and supply chain disruptions have led to a broad assortment of products being available,” he said.

Does Ross make money?

Ross Stores Revenue 2010-2023 | ROST Ross Stores annual/quarterly revenue history and growth rate from 2010 to 2023. Revenue can be defined as the amount of money a company receives from its customers in exchange for the sales of goods or services. Revenue is the top line item on an income statement from which all costs and expenses are subtracted to arrive at net income.

Ross Stores revenue for the quarter ending April 30, 2023 was $4.495B, a 3.73% increase year-over-year. Ross Stores revenue for the twelve months ending April 30, 2023 was $18.857B, a 0.66% increase year-over-year. Ross Stores annual revenue for 2023 was $18.696B, a 1.17% decline from 2022. Ross Stores annual revenue for 2022 was $18.916B, a 50.95% increase from 2021. Ross Stores annual revenue for 2021 was $12.532B, a 21.87% decline from 2020.

Ross Stores Annual Revenue (Millions of US $)
2023 $18,696
2022 $18,916
2021 $12,532
2020 $16,039
2019 $14,984
2018 $14,135
2017 $12,867
2016 $11,940
2015 $11,042
2014 $10,230
2013 $9,721
2012 $8,608
2011 $7,866
2010 $7,184
2009 $6,486


Ross Stores Quarterly Revenue (Millions of US $) 2023-04-30 $4,495 2023-01-31 $5,214 2022-10-31 $4,565 2022-07-31 $4,583 2022-04-30 $4,333 2022-01-31 $5,021 2021-10-31 $4,575 2021-07-31 $4,805 2021-04-30 $4,516 2021-01-31 $4,250 2020-10-31 $3,755 2020-07-31 $2,685 2020-04-30 $1,843 2020-01-31 $4,413 2019-10-31 $3,849 2019-07-31 $3,980 2019-04-30 $3,797 2019-01-31 $4,107 2018-10-31 $3,550 2018-07-31 $3,738 2018-04-30 $3,589 2018-01-31 $4,068 2017-10-31 $3,329 2017-07-31 $3,432 2017-04-30 $3,306 2017-01-31 $3,510 2016-10-31 $3,087 2016-07-31 $3,181 2016-04-30 $3,089 2016-01-31 $3,251 2015-10-31 $2,783 2015-07-31 $2,968 2015-04-30 $2,938 2015-01-31 $3,033 2014-10-31 $2,599 2014-07-31 $2,730 2014-04-30 $2,681 2014-01-31 $2,741 2013-10-31 $2,398 2013-07-31 $2,551 2013-04-30 $2,540 2013-01-31 $2,761 2012-10-31 $2,263 2012-07-31 $2,341 2012-04-30 $2,357 2012-01-31 $2,398 2011-10-31 $2,046 2011-07-31 $2,089 2011-04-30 $2,075 2011-01-31 $2,145 2010-10-31 $1,874 2010-07-31 $1,912 2010-04-30 $1,935 2010-01-31 $1,980 2009-10-31 $1,744 2009-07-31 $1,769 2009-04-30 $1,692 2009-01-31 $1,734


Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue $38.549B $18.696B Ross Stores Inc. operates as an off-price retailer of apparel and home accessories, primarily in the United States. The company operates its stores under the Ross Dress for Less (Ross) and dd’s DISCOUNTS names. The company’s stores are located mostly in community and neighborhood shopping centers in heavily populated urban and suburban areas. Ross Stores primarily offers in-season, branded, and designer apparel, footwear, accessories and other home-related merchandise for everyone in the family. This format primarily targets middle-income households. Prices offered at Ross are generally 20% to 60% below the regular prices of most department and specialty stores. dd’s DISCOUNTS features more moderately-priced first-quality, in-season, name brand apparel, accessories, footwear, and home fashions for the entire family. These stores target moderate-income households. The dd’s DISCOUNTS stores offer products at a 20% to 70% lesser price than the moderate department and discount stores.

Ross Stores Revenue 2010-2023 | ROST

Does Ross do Black Friday deals?

Ross offers products at extremely high discounts year-round. So they don’t really do big doorbuster sales or storewide percentage-off discounts for Black Friday. That means you’re likely going to want to shop elsewhere for Black Friday. You can get low prices any day of the year at Ross.

What is the best day to go to TJ Maxx?

When you shop matters – Most T.J. Maxx Stores do markdowns on Monday mornings, making this the best time of the week to shop if you’re looking for a deal. You’ll want to take a look around the store for yellow tags on items, showing they’re on clearance.

Is Ross Stores stock a good buy?

Based on analyst ratings, Ross Stores’s 12-month average price target is $118.36. Ross Stores has 4.55% upside potential, based on the analysts’ average price target. Ross Stores has a conensus rating of Moderate Buy which is based on 10 buy ratings, 3 hold ratings and 1 sell ratings.

Is Ross good to invest in?

Ross Stores has received a consensus rating of Moderate Buy. The company’s average rating score is 2.73, and is based on 12 buy ratings, 2 hold ratings, and 1 sell rating.