What City Does Modern Family Take Place In?

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What City Does Modern Family Take Place In
Premise – Modern Family revolves around three different types of families ( nuclear, blended, and same-sex ) living in suburban Los Angeles, who are interrelated through wealthy business owner Jay Pritchett and his two children, Claire and Mitchell.

Jay remarried a much younger woman, Gloria Delgado (née Ramirez), a passionate Colombian immigrant with whom he has a young son, Fulgencio Joseph (born in the middle of the fourth season ), and a stepson from Gloria’s previous marriage, Manuel “Manny” Delgado. Jay and Gloria’s former spouses, DeDe and Javier, both also make occasional appearances in the show.

Claire was a homemaker who returned to the business world (at the start of the fifth season ), eventually becoming the chief executive of her father’s business, Pritchett’s Closets and Blinds (in the middle of the seventh season ). She is married to Phil Dunphy, a realtor and a self-professed “cool dad”, who is also an amateur magician and real-estate lecturer at community college.

They have three children: Haley, a stereotypically ditzy teenaged girl; Alex, an intelligent and nerdy middle child; and Luke, the offbeat only son. Haley’s on and off boyfriend, Dylan, is a permanent fixture in the show, with the two eventually marrying at the end of the tenth season, Mitchell and his husband Cameron Tucker have one adopted daughter, Lily, of Vietnamese origin,

At the end of the show, they later adopt another child, Rexford. As the show’s name suggests, this family represents a modern-day family, and many episodes are comically based on situations that many families encounter in real life.

Where is the Modern Family house located?

Located at 10336 Dunleer Drive in Cheviot Hills, the 2,792-square-foot pad boasts four en-suite bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a formal dining room, a gourmet kitchen, an outdoor patio, and gardens.

Why was Modern Family cancelled?

Why Modern Family Didn’t Return for Season 12 – While Modern Family co-creators and showrunners Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan never offered a single conclusive reason for why did Modern Family end, it had already been apparent for a while that the show was probably going to sign off soon. When Modern Family was renewed for season 10, Lloyd and Levitan indicated that it would likely be the final year, although a formal announcement was never made.

  • That came after season 9 had seen Modern Family take a significant hit in critical favor.
  • Interestingly, the fact that Lloyd, Levitan, and the writing staff went into season 10 believing it would likely be the last of Modern Family gave them the urge to try and shake things up, incorporating major life-altering events like the sudden and surprising death of DeDe Pritchett, Jay’s ex-wife and Claire and Mitch’s mom.

Season 10 also saw Haley fall back in love with old flame Dylan, get married, and have twins. Season 10 saw Modern Family ‘s review scores shoot back upward, and the writers/producers were so interested in seeing where these events would lead the family that they decided Modern Family season 11 would be worth making.

For their part, ABC was more than happy to oblige that request, although Modern Family was definitely not canceled. So, when Modern Family was renewed for season 11, and it was quickly dubbed the final season, that was more of a delayed proclamation than anything, giving fans one more year with their favorite characters.

So why did Modern Family end? Narratively, at that point, the show’s main storyline had reached its natural endpoint.

How much is Jay Pritchett house worth?

Gloria & Jay Pritchett’s house – According to Gloria and Jay’s house in Brentwood is currently worth more than $8 million, This 6,359 square foot (590 square meters) single family home has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a pool. Jay and Gloria’s house from Modern Family (2013, ABC, screen capture) Jay and Gloria’s house on 121 S. Cliffwood Ave. in Brentwood, Los Angeles (Photo by Erik R.) Now you have found where Modern Family is set. Not bad, a? Tags:,,, : Stalking in Los Angeles: Modern Family Houses

Is Jay’s house real in Modern Family?

The Homes of ABC’s “Modern Family” Production designer Richard Berg gives a tour of the sets for the Emmy-winning comedy about an extended Los Angeles family December 31, 2011

Gloria and Jay Pritchett’s House While the majority of the filming is done on a soundstage, the exterior of the Pritchett house is a two-story contemporary home in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. Richard Berg notes that they “found this house after we were 80 percent finished with the stage build (of the interiors and exteriors), so adjustments had to be made. The footprint in the rear did not at all match the layout we had onstage, so we modified the shape of the windows to accommodate that. We also matched the outdoor fireplace.” Gloria and Jay’s Kitchen When the series began, Jay had recently married his second wife, the vivacious Colombian-born Gloria, and his previously white-on-white interiors exploded with animal prints and vibrant reds. Benjamin Moore’s Currant Red covers the kitchen walls. Claire and Phil Dunphy’s Great Room The Dunphys are a fairly traditional American couple with three children and a taste for catalogue-order furnishings. Berg describes their home as “Pottery Barn meets Restoration Hardware.” He says “the secret sauce” in the Dunphy residence is the stripes, including the upholstery on the armchair in the living room. “The stripes and splashes of bright color enliven what could otherwise be a pretty humdrum space,” says Berg. Claire and Phil’s Fireplace Reflecting Claire’s desire for a home that is comfortable and eclectic, most of the furniture is of the upscale chain-store variety (Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Pier 1 Imports), mixed with vintage pieces. The painting over the mantel was done by an artist on the production team.

Gloria and Jay’s Entry The main rooms, painted in Benjamin Moore’s Louisburg Green with white trim, are outfitted with furnishings in muted fabrics to give the house a natural, West Coast vibe. A lamp with a zebra-pattern shade from the L.A. shop Plantation Design and a boldly striped Crate and Barrel rug provide a dash of flair. Claire and Phil’s Dining Area A hub for many of the show’s story lines, the Dunphys’ kitchen and dining area features a French country–style table accented with a Crate and Barrel leaf-print runner, a crystal lamp from Plantation Design in L.A. in the corner, and colorful Pier 1 Imports plates on the walls. Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett’s Living Room For Cameron and Mitchell’s ground-floor apartment, the designers used muted shades of green with occasional bold red and orange notes, and they sprinkled Asian-style pieces throughout. “We saw the couple as being new to the parenthood plateau and fresh off the plane from years of travel and singledom,” Berg says. “Their interior design is a reflection of their pre-Lily time together.”

Lily’s Bedroom The whimsical mural in Lily’s room depicts dads Cameron and Mitchell as angels, a playful nod to Michelangelo’s painting of God and Adam in the Sistine Chapel. “I thought it was a reference Cameron would know, as well as one that many viewers would relate to,” says Berg. “The reference is so hyperbolic I thought it would be funny.” Gloria and Jay’s Dining Room Clean lines and minimalist furniture are the basis of the dining room, where the accent pieces include a green Pottery Barn vase, a table lamp from Lawson-Fenning in L.A., and a Georgia O’Keeffe–esque painting by Gus Harper. Berg devised a color system for each set and explains, “The overriding philosophy regarding color was to make certain we recognized where we were fairly quickly upon cutting from one space to the next. Hence the blue, green, and red color coding.”

: The Homes of ABC’s “Modern Family”

Is Jay and Gloria’s house real?

Jay and Gloria’s house: the modern mansion – Modern Family, credit: ABC. The Pritchett family, sitting in front of their house for the show’s intro The two-story contemporary home of the Pritchetts is by far the most opulent property on the show. Evocative of Jay Pritchett’s cool demeanor (with a clean, modern design throughout, punctured by colorful decor elements, to signal Gloria’s influences), the modern mansion is a symbol of status. Still from Modern Family showing the front door to Jay’s house Still from Modern Family, credit: ABC. Inside Jay and Gloria’s house The status is reflected even in the choice of location, as the real-life Pritchett house is located 121 S. Cliffwood Ave., in Brentwood, California. In reality, the property that serves as Jay’s home is much bigger than what we see on the show; exterior shots only captured parts of the Brentwood property. Still from Modern Family, image credit: ABC. Jay and Mitchell talking by the pool, in Jay’s house Fittingly, Jay’s house is the only one to have a pool — which serves as location for many of the show’s most memorable episodes. However, that gave the set creators a little bit of extra work; since the makers of the show picked the Brentwood home after some of the sets had already been created in a studio, they had the re-imagine some of them to fit with the newly found mansion, including the outdoor fireplace.

  1. The real-life property that serves as Jay’s house was built in 1992 and features 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms across its 6,359 square feet of living space.
  2. The house last sold in 2013 for a whopping $$7,430,074 (which amounts to $1,168/sqft), but its value has increased significantly since then (and a longtime screen presence as the flashiest house on Modern Family didn’t hurt).

It’s now worth well over $10 million, with real estate portals like Zillow.com estimating its value around $11.5 million, while Redfin.com places it at around $12.7 million.

Why is Lily not in Modern Family?

‘Halfway through season two, their personalities had started to develop, and it was really clear to us that they weren’t enjoying their time on set,’ their mum Michelle explained to Woman’s Day. ‘So we told the producers the girls wouldn’t be coming back.’

Why did Manny leave Modern Family?

” ” The Long Goodbye (TV Episode 2017) ⭐ 7.3 | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Episode aired Oct 4, 201721m

Manny leaves for college and it’s hard to say goodbye to his family. Haley starts working for Luke at the club and Phil and Claire visit Alex at college. Cam and Mitchell have problems with, Manny leaves for college and it’s hard to say goodbye to his family. Haley starts working for Luke at the club and Phil and Claire visit Alex at college. Cam and Mitchell have problems with their kitchen. : ” ” The Long Goodbye (TV Episode 2017) ⭐ 7.3 | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Why did Alex leave Modern Family?

Alex leaves her high-paying corporate job to move to Switzerland with a new love interest. – By the series finale, Alex is headed off to a new country. ABC The Dunphys’ middle child Alex, played by Ariel Winter, decides to quit her well-paying job to work for her former Caltech professor and Haley’s ex-boyfriend, Dr. Arvin Fennerman, played by Chris Geere.

How much did Claire Dunphy make?

Julie Bowen – Image: ABC/Bruno Calvo. Salary: $500,000 per episode Bowen plays Claire Dunphy, Phil’s type-A wife and Jay’s daughter. Per Variety, Bowen was also included in the same deal as Vergara, which would pay the actresses $500,000 per episode for season 9 and 10.

How much did Alex Dunphy get paid?

Ariel Winter: First Episode – $15,000/ Last Episode – $125,000 – Winter portrays Alex Dunphy, the intelligent 11-year-old daughter of Claire and Phil. Unlike her sister, she is not popular, nor does she find delight in simple pleasures like her brother.

Alex encounters difficulties in finding her own path. However, by embracing her strengths and passion for science, she gradually develops self-assurance. Despite occasionally feeling like an outsider due to her superior intellect, her love for her family strengthens over time. In season 4, Winter earned an impressive salary of approximately $70,000 per episode, showcasing her talent at such a young age.

As the show progressed, along with the other child actors, she received salary increases, eventually reaching $125,000 per episode in season 11.

Who is the richest character in Modern Family?

Lily Tucker-Pritchett – Lily is only a baby at the beginning of the series, but as the story progresses,, Of course, being a preteen at the end means that she doers not have any money of her own, except what her fathers give her, presumably. Regardless, Lily is obviously smart, far more than all her cousins (except Alex), implying that she will grow up to do great things. Though, his development over the course of the show is. unpredictable, to say the least. He is clearly great with people, considering that he knows how to make friends very easily, but can he also influence people? The answer to this is a resounding yes. Manny is almost as intelligent as Alex, but has a completely different approach towards life. He is polite, chivalrous, and sensitive (and often way too much) but he has a good heart. One thing that sets him apart from his cousins is his limitless courage — no matter how many times he is rejected or denied something, he still perseveres until he succeeds. Claire’s oldest daughter is exactly like her, as much as they both constantly refuse the very possibility of such a comparison. As such, Haley is blessed with her mother and grandfather’s business skills: she procures a coveted job right after she gets out of school. It’s a wonder : antique pen collection, ikebana, and so many others that are a perennial source of anxiety for his husband. Once Lily is old enough, he decides that he wants to contribute to the household as well, especially after Mitch quits his high-paying job, and becomes a music teacher turned high school football coach. While, his work isn’t as promising as his wife’s. Still, a real estate agent in the L.A. area would earn quite massive amounts of money, at least over the couple of decades that he has spent in this profession. He has sold people nearly all kinds of property, from tiny houses for new couples to massive bungalows with landscaped gardens. The, but as a lawyer, he’s no slouch whatsoever. He apparently graduated summa cum laude at both Cornell and Columbia Universities, which is nothing short of impressive, before becoming a lawyer. Although Cam has become the breadwinner recently, Mitch had enough saved to put a down payment on their home as well as a nest egg for Lily’s college tuition. For an IQ of her level, there was no doubt that Alex would have a comfortable, if not a luxurious, life. She is scouted straight out of university, and one of her jobs is so high-paying that she gets access to the extremely fancy Prescott hotel/residential complex, which her family obviously takes advantage of. Like Cam, Claire gets the career-bug late in life, and immediately seeks the respite of a nice, calming office workspace after dealing with the hell that is her household. She works at her father’s company, Pritchett’s Closets & Blinds, and Jay even grants her his position after he opts to retire. Taking one look at Jay and Gloria’s house is enough to safely assume that they are by far the richest characters in the entire show. In fact, the artwork hanging on their walls is probably more expensive than Phil’s Winnebago. Further, Claire and Mitch discuss the possibility of a reduced inheritance now that Manny and Fulgencio Joe are in the picture, suggesting that they have high expectations.

Who was supposed to play Jay on Modern Family?

If Craig T. Nelson had played his cards right, he could’ve landed the plum role of patriarch Jay Pritchett on Modern Family instead of Ed O’Neill. A new book on the Emmy-winning series reveals that both Nelson, 76, and O’Neill, 74, were considered for the role, and co-creators Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan, as well as casting director Jeff Greenberg, were stuck.

They had an executive from US network ABC toss a coin – and it landed on Nelson. Negotiations began with the Coach actor, but, according to Greenberg, his reps began playing hardball. “He wanted star money, and it wasn’t a star show,” he told author Marc Freeman in Modern Family: The Untold Oral History of One of Television’s Groundbreaking Sitcoms,

“It’s an ensemble show. I understand from his agent that he regretted his decision. I’m not surprised.” Levitan added that they began hearing rumours that Nelson was “a bit difficult on set” and producers were troubled by an interview he had given at the time to Glenn Beck, bashing the government.

  • That scared us, frankly,” Levitan said.
  • There was a lack of self-awareness there and compassion that worried us.
  • Meanwhile, all we kept hearing is that Ed O’Neill is the nicest person on the planet.
  • We decided to pull the offer and go to Ed.” O’Neill, who loved the project from the very beginning, immediately told his agent to make the deal when he learned they weren’t casting Nelson.

His (agent) said, “But you’re not the star,” to which O’Neill responded, “I know that. I like that about it. It’s an ensemble. It’s more interesting to me.” Lloyd revealed that O’Neill has said to him repeatedly throughout the show’s 11 seasons, “Chris, this is the best job I’ve ever had.

What is Claire’s fake name in Modern Family?

Juliana is Claire Dunphy ‘s alter ego that she created for her Valentine’s Day dates with Phil’s alter ego Clive Bixby, introduced in ” My Funky Valentine “. They (the alter egos) usually appear together on Valentine’s Day episodes throughout the series, except in season 6, where Juliana met with and seduced Phil as himself and not as Clive.

In ” Bixby’s Back “, she describes herself as a “bored housewife with a dark side and an hour to kill.” In ” My Funky Valentine “, she gets “picked up” at a hotel bar by Clive, who is married but “respects her wife too much to do the things he’s going to do to “. She goes to the bathroom and returns wearing a coat and nothing underneath, inviting Clive upstairs.

Things take an unexpected turn when her coat gets stuck on the escalator. They meet again in ” Bixby’s Back ” after Claire decides she is not ready to give up the excitement with Phil. She gives him posing as Clive her hotel room key, but the distracted Clive accidentally grabs an old woman’s key instead.

  1. She briefly appears in ” Heart Broken ” on a date with Clive, though Claire slips in and out of character as she worries about the kids.
  2. Claire later suffers a minor arrhythmia and is taken to the hospital, cutting the date short.
  3. In ” Valentine’s Day 4: Twisted Sister “, after Claire calls and cancels her date with Phil, Juliana appears and seduces him.

Phil is enticed by her, remarking that she is “adventurous and surprising”, making Claire think that he’s more in love with her alter ego. Claire later tries to sabotage Juliana’s appeal to Phil by saying she has an infected toe, lives with no electricity, and hates Dirty Dancing,

Do the characters in Modern Family know they’re being filmed?

Why Modern Family Never Explained Its Mockumentary Format – As revealed by Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan during a post-finale interview with EW, the show decided not to show the documentary crew or explain why the filming had occurred because it just didn’t feel right. More specifically, Levitan and company worried that doing so at or near the end of the series’ run would risk being too meta or cutesy for its own good and might also take fans out of the story.

He acknowledged that The Office was able to pull the filmmaking crew reveal off, but also that program had never shied away from the fact that Dunder Mifflin’s employees were being recorded by actual people. Modern Family never once directly acknowledged the people who must’ve been operating the cameras and prompting the characters for responses, to the point where, the idea that they were being filmed became more incidental than anything as the seasons progressed.

While Modern Family ‘s original pilot script incorporated the documentarian(s) as an actual presence, the final show might as well have just sat the characters in front of their own tripod-mounted camera for all the format really came to matter plot-wise.

What is Phil Dunphy’s address?

Phil and Claire Dunphy’s house – Also near Rancho Park, this house is in a residential neighborhood and they’re probably used to people pulling up to pose in front of it. The address is 10336 Dunleer Drive, For an extra challenge, keep the house number secret as you drive on Dunleer, asking “where do the Dunphys live?” and see if your family can recognize the right home.

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Is there a spin off of Modern Family?

“Modern Family” Is Moving to Peacock: E! News Rewind As Cam would say, why’d they have to “throw a wet blanket on our dreams?” During a recent episode Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, host Andy Cohen noted that the season finale of Modern Family —which aired April 2020—left the door open for a potential Mitch and Cam spin-off series following their new life together in Missouri.

So why did it not make it to our small screens? Well, Jesse Tyler Ferguson revealed that while “there were discussions” to bring the spin-off to life, “the network decided against it.” “That’s the first time I’ve ever said that,” Jesse—who played Mitch on the series alongside Eric Stonestreet as Cam—added.

“I think they were just wondering if this was the right family to still tell that story. We had been on for 11 years, I think they were ready to move in a different direction. And while ABC may not want to continue telling the story of the Pritchett family, Andy helpfully added, “Hulu needs programming.” C’mon Hulu, pull through for us—we need more Fizbo the Clown content in our lives! During the series finale of Modern Family, Mitch, Cam, Lily and their newly adopted baby move to Cam’s home state of Missouri so that he can pursue a job as a football coach.

  • The hit ABC comedy series ran from 2009 to 2020 and starred Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Sofia Vergara, Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter,
  • We’ll try to cope with the news of what might’ve been by binge-watching old episodes of Modern Family.
  • Bravo and E! News are both part of the NBCUniversal family.

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Is the unsellable house in Modern Family real?

Phil’s ‘unsellable’ house is actually the residence of Qingyun Ma, who was the Dean of the University of Southern California School of Architecture from January 2007 through June 2017.

Did they change Joe in Modern Family?

Pierce Wallace – News – IMDb Meet the new Fulgencio — definitely not the same as the old Fulgencio. As TVLine reported last month, is recasting the now-series regular role of Fulgencio “Joe” Pritchett — played for the past two seasons by, Related Calls Back as Dauber’s Wife (!) Judy His onscreen mother unveiled the identity of the “new” Joe — actor Jeremy Maguire, who celebrates his fourth birthday on Aug.10 — in an Instagram post Friday morning. Producers sought the recast as Joe will be newly “rough and tumble” — Aka the yin to evolved older brother Manny’s yang — sources. Meet the new Joe! When “” Season 7 premieres on Wednesday, September 23, we’ll be seeing a different Fulgencio Pritchett, aka Joe, son of Gloria () and Jay (). The toddler was played for the past two seasons by, but ABC recast the role with Jeremy Maguire. According to TVLine, Jeremy turns 4 on August 10. The site said producers wanted to recast the role as Joe will be “rough and tumble” this season, as a yin to Manny’s yang.Here’s Joe’s on-screen mom showing him off:Fulgencio❤️❤️❤️❤️ A photo posted by (@sofiavergara) on Aug 7, 2015 at 9:41am Pdt Familia Moderna❤️❤️❤️ A photo posted by (@sofiavergara) on Aug 5, 2015 at 3:35pm Pdt Isn’t he the cutest? They do look like they could be mother and son. (While Joe ages, Gloria just keeps looking younger every year.) This isn’t the first time “” has aged-up its kids.

8/7/2015by Gina Carbone

Though saw a dip in the ratings last season, it’s still ABC’s top-rated series. There’s essentially no chance that it will be cancelled but, will the ratings continue to slide this year? Stay tuned. revolves around three Los Angeles families who are interrelated through Jay Pritchett and his two adult children.

  • The ensemble cast is,,,,,,,,,,, and,
  • The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s likelihood of staying on the air.
  • The higher the ratings (particularly the 18-49 demo), the better the chances for survival.
  • This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available – usually the next day, around 11:30am Est/8:30am Pst.

Refresh to see the latest. (more).

5/22/2015by TVSeriesFinale.com

To the surprise of no one, ABC has renewed their highest-rated sitcom,, for a seventh season. revolves around three Los Angeles families who are interrelated through Jay Pritchett and his two adult children. The ensemble cast is,,,,,,,,,,, and, (more).

5/8/2015by TVSeriesFinale.com

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Is Lily straight in Modern Family?

Lily was born in Vietnam on January 7, 2008 and was adopted as a baby by Mitch and Cam in September 2009. Mitchell originally wanted to wait to tell the extended family that they had adopted Lily. However, Cameron knew Mitchell will shy away from introducing her forever, so he plans a surprise dinner where he introduces the baby in a Lion King manner. The whole family welcome her with open arms. Lily was cared for by a group of Vietnamese women while she was in the orphanage, which was revealed in, ” Fears “. It is unknown if she was cared for before this, but her parents either died or abandoned her. In ” Open House of Horrors “, Lily believed her birth Mom was a princess due to Mitchell telling her so, when he was very sleepy, believing she would let it go but didn’t. So, Cam and Mitch have to reveal to 3 year old Lily, that they don’t know who or where her mother is. As a baby, Lily was a constant center of attention, being the youngest of the clan. Cam becomes a stay-at-home Dad with Lily, while Mitchell goes to work. Lily is sophisticated young woman. She is, at times, doing activities with both of her fathers, but remains with Cam at home while Mitchell works. Cameron often dressed her up as celebrities when she was a baby, such as Diana Ross, Madonna, and Ray Charles for the purpose of taking photographs. Cameron and Mitchell attempted to practice the Ferber method on Lily but Cameron can’t resist catering to her during the night. According to Cam, Lily liked the movie Scarface. Another noticeable thing about Lily is that in most episodes she appears in she is seen with “Doggy”, her stuffed dog, which appears to be a Labrador. She was a quiet and peaceful baby when portrayed by infants Ella and Jaden Hiller, and does not speak for the first two seasons. In later seasons, Lily becomes a bubbly toddler with a snarkiness she seems to get from her parents as well as her aunt Claire, who often babysits her, this was revealed in ” Fulgencio “. Even at a young age, Lily has shown kindness and selflessness, such as when she ran to get Joe as his pirate castle collapses (” Integrity “) and when she gives her Puppy Pound toy to a homeless boy for Christmas (” The Old Man & the Tree “). Although, in ” Crying Out Loud “, her parents express how they have noticed Lily has not developed a sense of empathy so far, but, this may be due to the fact that she tends to display snarkiness more than empathy. Lily is a hilarious, entertaining, and charming character with a sassy personality. In ” Little Bo Bleep “, Lily is heard saying the F-word multiple times in front of a congregation solely for the purpose of making her daddy laugh hysterically. Lily quickly picks up on words or phrases said by other people, including from her aunt, Claire Dunphy. In the episode ” Fulgencio “, Lily repeats snarky and sarcastic lines originally said by Claire, who had been spending time with her. In Season 3 Lily is no longer played by babies Ella & Jaden Hiller, but instead by bubbly preschooler Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, She now begins to talk and becomes a full-fledged character. She is vocal about not wanting a new baby brother, but instead, a kitten named Larry which they adopt. She is shown to have some other faults typical of toddlers, such as difficulty with sharing. She has had a petty rivalry with Luke and Manny because of this, until Joe is born in ” Party Crasher “. Lily has olive skin, black-brown long waist-length curly hair, and black eyes. She is bi-ethnic. There have been several occasions in which Lily has been involved with and/or caused a problem during an episode: The Bicycle Thief Lily seems behind, so Mitchell “steals another child’s intellectual property”, as he puts it, before realizing all playdates are recorded. Run for Your Wife Cameron has finally convinced Mitchell to dance with Lily. But Mitchell accidentally hits Lily’s head on a door jamb when he throws her up in the air. After quite a bit of fussing, more by her fathers than by herself, Mitchell and Cam finally decide to take her into the doctor. It turned out Lily was fine, but it wasn’t long before the next little incident occurred. Hawaii During a Hawaiian vacation, Mitch and Cam get into an argument that continues when they leave the elevator – and neither of them pushes the baby carriage out with them. Luckily Gloria finds a run-away Lily on the first floor. Planes, Trains and Cars Mitchell and Cameron lose Lily’s favorite stuffed bunny on the subway. She keeps Mitchell and Cameron up all night and they try to tell her that her bunny went to a magical land and to sleep with a different stuffed animal, which doesn’t work either. Little Bo Bleep Lily discovers that cursing (particularly using the F-word) can elicit laughter from her Daddy, so she repeatedly drops the F-bomb as Cam and Mitch try to teach her not to say it. The episode culminates with Lily loudly shouting the F-bomb while she is a flower girl at a wedding. Disneyland It is revealed that Lily is a “runner”, meaning that Lily will sometimes just run off, leaving her Daddy and Dad to try and look for her. Cam and Mitch try to keep her from straying from the family but it is to no avail; she dashes off at every opportunity, much faster than her Daddy and Dad can catch her. Finally, Cam resorts to putting a leash on her, though Mitchell can feel other parents judging her. Their parenting problem is solved when Jay buys Lily a pair of baby high heels, in which she has no choice but to walk her way along slowly and carefully. Party Crasher She is shown to be favoring Mitchell and Cam goes out of his way to win back her affection. She is accidentally injured several times in this episode by Cam. Career Day Lily waits up for the tooth fairy and causes Cam to accidentally leave her quite a bit more money than he planned. Cam and Mitch pull out all the stops to get it back. The Future Dunphys Lily announces to her parents and Gloria that she is gay because she thinks that since both of her parents are gay, she is automatically gay as well. Later in the episode, it is discovered that she says this because of her desire to be more like her parents. Spring-a-Ding-Fling Jay and Gloria were watching Lily. However, when Gloria’s phone breaks, they think Lily did it. She never admits she did it, Jay and Gloria were suspicious that she was lying. After a bit, Jay and Gloria deduced that Lily may have a big lying problem. She even said Joe was walking when to their prior knowledge, he couldn’t. They have been trying to get him to walk because he was a little behind his age group. To their surprise, Joe did walk to Lily and she got away with it. The Party Lily (with the bribe of as much Soda she could drink), Luke and Manny throw a party the same night Phil and Mitch are given some gummy bears with weed/THC in them at a movie premiere from a friend. Both Claire and Gloria are out together. Leaving Manny and Luke to watch over Lily. Phil and Mitch just ate the gummy bears just as the alert from his and Claire’s security system went off. Indicating that there was a fire but the alarm stopped immediately afterward so Phil thought nothing of it. Claire insists that the boys are up to no good seeing as they were so insistent on getting them out of the house. Gloria calls Manny to prove her wrong and he tells her that they burnt the cookies they were baking. Since Manny never lies to Gloria, she believed him. Luke yells at Manny that the house’s oven is broken. Claire informs Gloria of this and concludes that there is a party. Claire calls Phil and he, the girls and Mitchell all go to the Dunphy house to investigate. Lily hides the kids at the party with her in one of the rooms, making sure they are quiet while the parents are in the house.

Season 1 In ” Pilot “, Cameron and Mitchell bring Lily home on a plane for the first time. They announced Lily to their family, and Cameron makes big presentation for Lily using “Circle of Life” from Lion King, and the family crow around her, accepting her. In ” The Bicycle Thief “, Mitch and Cam take Lily to a Babies and Toddlers Club, but Mitch begins to worry when she isn’t excelling at the same rate as the other kids. In ” Run for Your Wife “, Cam dresses up Lily to pose for as various pop icons. Mitch becomes uptight about baby proofing and then rushes to go to work. Cam makes him stay behind to dance with Lily to reduce stress. Mitch being to lift Lily up, and accidentally bangs her head. They end up going to a doctor, who tells them Lily is okay. In ” Undeck the Halls “, Lily experiences her first Christmas. In ” Up All Night “, Cam and Mitch try to sleep train Lily, while Cam finds it harder than Mitch. In ” Fears “, when Cam invites Lily’s pediatrician over for dinner, she begins saying “Mommy”. This upsets Cam, and Mitch tries to calm him down. They later find out, that when they squeeze Lily’s doll, it says “Mommy”, so it wasn’t her first word. Season 2 In ” Caught in the Act “, Lily goes on her first play-date with Jackson, due to her parents wanting to get a favor out of Jackson’s mother. In ” Princess Party “, Lily turns 1 years old, and has a princess themed party. In ” Two Monkeys and a Panda “, it is revealed that Lily’s birth name is Lily Tucker Pritchett, without a hyphen between her to fathers last names, making Tucker her middle name and not a joined last name. Mitchell states that he was afraid that Cam would freak out and leave them, this angers Cam and Mitchell files to get it changed. In ” Someone to Watch Over Lily “, Cameron and Mitchell decide that Gloria will be the one to become a guardian to Lily if anything fatal happens to them. Season 3 In ” When Good Kids Go Bad “, Lily begins to show signs of aggression over sharing. When Cam and Mitch want to adopt another baby, Lily shows that she does not want a sibling, and does not want to share her dads. Cam admits he coddles her and begins to be more strict, Mitch realizes that he has sharing issues and tries to hash them out. In ” Express Christmas “, Lily, Mitchell and Alex go shopping for a Christmas tree. In ” Little Bo Bleep “, Mitch and Cam prepare Lily for a wedding, but they find out that Lily has begun to use profanity to make Cam laugh. Lily is instructed to stay mute for the entire wedding. However, when Cam begins crying at the ceremony, she uses profanity and all the wedding guests laugh. In ” Disneyland “, Lily begins to start running, the problem being that she begins to run away from Mitch and Cam all the time. To go to Disneyland, Mitch and Cam buy a leash to put her on to control her speed. They can feel others judging them so Jay puts her in shoes that she can barely walk in. Season 4 In ” Bringing Up Baby “, Lily petitions that if she can’t get a sibling yet, she wants a cat named Larry, Mitch and Cam try to adopt one but find the process is too thorough and stop. Later on, they tell the family they are thinking about adopting a cat. In ” Schooled “, it’s Lily’s first day of kindergarten. Lily gets her hair pulled by a boy and Cam stands up for her but gets in trouble for it. He and Mitch attend a meeting with the principle and the boy’s parents, who turn out to be lesbians. Mitch invites them over, but Cam and Pam passively bicker. Pam and her partner decide to get their son and leave. However, Lily and Connor have locked themselves in her room because Lily doesn’t want Connor to leave. Their parents give them food and let Connor stay in exchange for unlocking the door. In ” The Butler’s Escape “, Lily and Mitchell go shopping for the first time. Mitchell has difficulties in handling Lily and the household, something that is usually Cam’s expertise. In ” Open House of Horrors “, Mitchell reveals that he told Lily that her biological mother is a princess while they were both really tired, thinking she would forget about it. However, she didn’t and demands her Halloween costume is a princess to be like her mom. Mitch later reveals to Cam what he said and they both inform Lily gently that they don’t know about her mother. In ” Party Crasher “, Lily proposes to Mitchell to get married. Mitch gets worried but then reads online it’s a phase some children go through with their parent. However, it bothers Cam that Lily did not chose Cameron to be her fake husband. The next day, Cam has prepared a fake wedding for him and Lily and bought her a toy car, although Lily is not as into it and just wants to drive her toy car but has an accident in it that takes her to the emergency room. In ” Fulgencio “, Cam and Mitch become worried about Lily’s attitude when she becomes snarky. Much later, they realize that Claire has been accidentally teaching her to be sarcastic and critical while driving her to dance class all week. In ” The Future Dunphys “, Lily tells Gloria that she is gay, they have a sit down with Mitch and Cam to talk. They figure out that Lily thinks she’s gay because her daddies are so she inherits it, they inform her that her heritage is Vietnamese and that gay is a sexuality. As Mitch and Cam know pretty much nothing about Vietnamese culture, Gloria proposes they go to a Vietnamese restaurant. Lily is adamant that she hates Vietnam. When Gloria states that children should learn about their culture, otherwise they grow out of it and stick to American culture, Mitchell realizes that Lily wanted to feel more like her fathers. They hash it out and he informs her that she is very like her daddies because she caused a scene in a restaurant. In ” Career Day “, Lily waits up for stuff from the tooth fairy when she loses her first tooth. They manage to give her stuff, but Cam makes a mistake: he gave her $100 instead of $5 in the middle of the night. When they fail to make Lily give the $100 back to the “tooth fairy”, they enlist Haley for help. However, Lily understands that Haley is the tooth fairy and can’t be tricked. Haley stops being the tooth fairy and persuades Lily by saying that it might put her on the naughty list consequently receiving no presents. At night, she puts it back under her pillow for the tooth fairy. In ” Games People Play “, Lily comes in first place at her gymnastics recital, and Mitch’s support for her also develops into rooting for the other kids to fail, which makes both Mitch and Cam look bad. Season 5 In ” First Days “, Lily attends her first day of grade school, after she’s done Mitchell takes her to his work place and she pretend works the role of his assistant. In ” Larry’s Wife “, Cam tells Lily that Larry got married and went to be with his wife, but when he turn up and Cam lies that Larry’s wife died so he came back. Cam states that they should give Larry closure by throwing a funeral for his wife. In ” Farm Strong “, Cam realizes that people keep secrets from him that they believe he can’t handle, he asks everyone to tell him secrets and Lily is among those to tell him that sometimes she fakes sleeping so that he’ll stop reading to her at night and leave, which breaks him. In ” The Late Show “, when Alex babysits Lily so Mitch and Cam can go out, Lily questions Alex’s life outside of school and homework, as she realizes she’s not like Haley. In ” ClosetCon ’13 “, Cam takes Mitch and Lily to the Tucker family farm for the first time and is excited to fold them into country life, that is until Grams pays an unexpected visit, and they end up having to tell her that Cam is engaged to Mitch and Lily is their adopted daughter. In ” The Big Game “, Lily is in trouble at school for forcefully kissing boys at school. Gloria then lectures her. In ” The Old Man & the Tree “, Cameron takes Lily to a charity event where they experience the true meaning of Christmas, Cam later realizes that he misread the meaning of the event and rushes to leave. Mitch arrives and Lily gives back her present. In ” And One to Grow On “, Lily begins growing an attraction to Manny. In ” The Feud “, Lily gets lice from school, Phil offers him the Dunphy’s lice kit at the Dunphy household. As Cam prepares the kit, Phil’s nemesis turns up and he decides that before she gets treatment, he can get revenge by letting Lily transfer her lice to his head. In ” Spring-a-Ding-Fling “, Lily lies that Joe pulled Gloria’s bag down and accidentally broke her phone. They both try to convince her to tell the truth, but Lily lies that Joe can walk now and accidentally did it. Gloria and Jay are adamant that Joe can’t walk yet, but Lily gets lucky in time and Joe begins to start walking as she tries to prove her lie. In ” Other People’s Children “, Gloria and Claire take Lily dress shopping to find a dress for Cam and Mitch’s wedding, in the end she chooses a dress that one would not typically wear: a Cinderella costume. Gloria and Claire try to persuade her out of it, but Mitch and Cam allow her to wear it. In ” Australia “, the whole family take a trip to Australia, making this Lily’s first trip out of the United States. In ” The Wedding (Part 1) “, Lily attends her fathers wedding as a bridesmaid, only for it to be abruptly stopped by an approaching fire. In ” The Wedding (Part 2) “, the officiator, Sal, goes into labor. Phil then has to take over, to his happiness as he had been hinting at being the officiator. Mitch and Cam finally get married with both sides of the family there. Season 6 In ” Do Not Push “, while taking a family portrait, Mitch and Cam discover that Lily has a very unusual smile, they accidentally make her feel undervalued and realize they need to accept what they think is imperfect because she doesn’t perceive it that way. They hang an official photo up on the wall and at the end, discover her laugh is also something they don’t like. In ” The Cold “, Lily makes friends with a class mate that Mitch sees as more intelligent than her, he tries to make them compete in order to make Lily learn from her. Later on, she figures out that Phil doctored the wedding video because he unintentionally gave everyone his cold. In ” Won’t You Be Our Neighbor “, Mitch and Cam believe that Lily is being put under too much pressure in her class, and opt to switch from Mrs. Plank to a kinder one. When they do, they find that they got things wrong, although Lily is under pressure she is performing better than everyone in the other teachers’ class. Mitch and Cam then face embarrassment in getting Lily’s teacher to take her back. In ” Halloween 3: AwesomeLand “, Lily’s school holds a costume contest for Halloween, but things go awry due to Cam not having the contest flyer so he wings it and wears a superman costume while Lily wears a Where’s Waldo? costume, Cam finds out that the costume characters are supposed to be related and Lily becomes mad at Cam due to feeling neglected from him always working. Mitch informs them that a miscommunication has happened: Cam is giving her attention that she isn’t seeing, and Lily forgot to give Cam the flyer. Lily apologizes to Cam. In ” Three Turkeys “, Lily refuses to wear a nice dress to dinner, on top of that she’s also in the stage of refusing to do other things. Mitch becomes hard on Cam for his parenting skills as Mitch has become “mean daddy” to Lily but Cam lets her do whatever she wants. Cam finally decides enough is enough and becomes harder on her. In ” Haley’s 21st Birthday “, Lily questions Manny, Luke, and Alex on what they know about sex. Luke and Manny begin to teach her, but Alex stops them due to the inappropriate nature. Later, Lily reveals she knows how sex works, but she was testing their knowledge on it. Lily informs them of how she thinks sex works (a story involving eggs and tadpoles), leaving her cousins and step-uncle shocked. In ” The Big Guns “, Cam attempts to get Lily to be interested in becoming a clown as a job, but she isn’t enthusiastic about it, instead of confronting Cam she decides to use Slapstick comedy until he no longer wants her to be a clown. However, he sticks it out. Mitch then confronts her about it and she reveals the truth. She lies that she’ll never be a good enough clown and that it’s too much pressure so she wants to stop. In ” Closet? You’ll Love It! “, Cam attempts to over-schedule Lily on the day of her talent show so that she gets too tired and misses it because she can’t sing on pitch. Mitch is disappointed by Cam’s selfish intentions of not wanting to be embarrassed at the show in front of his nemesis. Cam gets over it and they all attend Lily’s talent show. However, Lily becomes nervous and embarrassed when another kid can sing amazingly and they end up leaving the show before Lily can perform. In ” Spring Break “, Lily goes on her first school trip away from home, Mitch becomes anxious and worried when he thinks she gave him a signal in an image sent to parents by the scout camp, and travels to where she is to find out if she’s okay. It turns out, she didn’t send a signal and he only ended up embarrassing her, he then has to stay and tell a scary story to the kids. In ” Crying Out Loud “, Mitch and Cam begin to think that Lily hasn’t developed an adequate sense of empathy. Later on, Lily reveals that she didn’t care about them being sick before because they always get better, however when Cam implies that one day they won’t get better, Lily becomes emotional and runs to her bedroom. At night, she checks both Mitch and Cam’s heartbeat and breathing and sleeps in their bed. Season 7 In ” The Day Alex Left for College “, Lily has a soccer game that the entire family agreed to attend. However, Jay, Gloria, Claire, Manny and Joe try to find a way to get around it. Cam gets banished by the referee and Mitch tries to coach Lily’s team but realizes he’s quite bad. Cam coaches Mitch to coach the team via phone call off field and Lily’s team wins. In ” White Christmas “, the family retreat to a cabin for Christmas. Luke and Manny try to scare Lily but she isn’t phased. Until she hears noises coming from a room and finds out it isn’t Luke or Manny, the noises were however, Andy Bailey and Haley kissing in a room to hide their romantic relationship. In ” Playdates “, Lily develops a crush on Rob, the father in the family upstairs, Cam gives her tips on flirting when he thinks it’s the son in the family she is attracted to. However, he figures it out and informs her she can’t date someone that much older than her and comforts her from her own embarrassment by using his own embarrassment about dating when he was younger. In ” Spread Your Wings “, Lily has a sleepover with her Vietnamese dance troupe, Jay arrives by the house and suggests that Mitchell makes the girls blow up air matresses to tire them out. Mitchell explains that he does’t want to tire them out, he wants to be the fun Dad. However, after a series of difficult events, they draw on him while he’s sleeping, and he decides he wants to take Jay’s advice of tiring them out. Jay and Mitch do a series of events that completely tires them all out and has them in bed by 7:45pm. In ” Clean for a Day “, Mitch has been teaching Lily to play the flute but realizes his approach was not working on Lily. Manny decides to take over and she begins excelling, Lily decides she’s going to be taught by Manny and “fires” her father as her teacher. In ” The Storm “, Lily invites Ashley W. to her 8th birthday party, however, a storm bring the girls, Mitch and Cam to the Pritchett household. The issues is whatever Ashley W. does or doesn’t like, every other girl follows along because she’s popular. Mitch and Cam try to please her but she she doesn’t enjoy anything. Lily finally takes a stand and lectures Ashley, she goes to the pool and invites the girls to a pool party, they all follow along. But Ashley is the only one to ask permission to also go from Mitch and Cam. In ” I Don’t Know How She Does It “, Lily informs Mitch and Cam that they can’t dance and she has been RSVP’ing to weddings not to go because she gets embarrassed by them, they respond to this by dancing bad at a wedding. In ” The Cover-Up “, Lily begins being afraid of things that just aren’t completely safe, she refuses to learn how to ride a bike. Cam tries to forcefully teach her, but ends up getting hurt himself, he tries to hide his pain from Lily because he does’t want her to be more afraid. WHen he gets home he pretends to fall in the tub and break his arm. which just makes her afraid of taking baths and showers. In ” The Party “, Manny and Luke are assigned to babysit Lily. Lily – with the bribe of as much Soda she could drink – Luke, and Manny, throw a party. When Claire’s security system goes off she knows they’re up to no good. Claire investigates and Lily hides the party-goers in a room, but the truth unfolds. In ” Double Click “, Mitch draws up an agreement about sharing time with Lily. As they’re both getting busier they have to compete for spending time with her. Season 8 In ” A Tale of Three Cities “, Lily attends her adoptive Grandmother’s funeral and receives a gift from her from her will, an oriental fan, with the message “When Cam first brought you here, I thought I’d never get used to you. I was raised to hate your kind, but seeing how happy you make my grandson, I couldn’t help but come to care for you. Who else but you should inherit my beloved Oriental fan? I hope it doesn’t make you homesick.”. In ” A Stereotypical Day “, Lily is overheard in her bedroom telling a class mate to get out of her room and calls him a “weirdo”, as Cam and Mitch find out the classmate is transgender, they assume she is transphobic. She later reveals that Tom, her class mate, made fun of a painting of her fathers looking like angels over a baby Lily, and called him a weirdo for that not because he’s trans. In ” Weathering Heights “, when Cam takes in Dwight, his star football player, Lily attempt to sabotage his place in the Tucker-Pritchett household because she’s uncomfortable with how cramped everyone now is and how much resources he’s using up, Mitch and Cam figure this out and Mitch decides to kick him out, however Cam feels bad and lures Mitch into letting him stay, to Lily’s disappointment. In ” Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook “, Lily has her fourth halloween dressed as Batman from the duo Batman and Robin. In ” Thanksgiving Jamboree “, Mitch tries to deduce Cam’s secret after he tells him that he gave Fizbo away, when he forgives him quickly, he and Claire realize Cam did something worse and wants Mitch in a good mood. After they talk and they make-up, Lily brings them grilled cheese sandwiches because they looked tired, she then reveals she needed them in a good mood because she kept a chicken from the petting zoo. In ” Sarge & Pea “, Lily performs at her first dance recital performance, however, although they were in the audience, Mitch and Cam missed her performance as a woman in the audience stood up to film on her device, blocking them from seeing Lily dance. Cam confronts the woman, but after hearing about her son, he comes off looking worse. In ” Do You Believe in Magic “, Mitch and Cam inform Haley, who they invite over to babysit Lily, that Lily had a “big-girl” moment in school, she stood up to someone who teased her in school. However, Sal comes over and brings her nanny, she offers to let her nanny babysit both Sammy and Lily, so Haley, Mitch and Cam can go out drinking with her. In ” Do It Yourself “, Lily hires a cleaning lady to clean her room. When Mitch and Cam send the cleaner away and instruct Lily to clean her room. Lily states that it isn’t fair that they use apps to get people to do things for them but she can’t. They then realize that they need to lead by example and try to stop using apps to get things done, however, they fail at DIY and Cam ends up going to the doctor. In ” Heavy is the Head “, Cam attempts to build Lily’s school project, however Mitch is mad because Lily isn’t learning and Cam is just doing it for her, Cam then has an accident continuing the project and ends up needing an MRI for a head injury. In ” Pig Moon Rising “, Cam finds out Mitch lost his pig’s ashes, to see if Mitch confesses, he fakes a pig moon where they need to spread the pigs ashes. Lily asks if she can bury her painting too, Cam remembers that he accidentally destroyed her painting and never told her and makes Haley re-create the painting, later, however, everyone’s truths unfold and Lily becomes mad at him. In ” All Things Being Equal “, the women in the family take Lily out to a Women’s March, they try to demonstrate feminism to her, which backfires on them when she suggests they fix a flat tire that they get while Gloria is driving. Lily, Haley and Alex, attempt to fix it, but another woman comes along and helps them, which they all see as empowering. However, trusting her backfires as when it’s fixed, she just gets in Gloria’s car and steals it. In ” The Graduates “, Mitch and Cam debate on whether or not Lily should skip a grade as her teacher informs Lily, Mitch, and Cam that she is considered as an “accelerated student”. Later they go home and find things about Lily in room that make them realize she’s the popular student in school, which Lily later confirms. Season 9 In ” Sex, Lies & Kickball “, Lily meets Lionel, a new kid that Pepper and Ronaldo have adopted. Based on assumptions, and Lionel telling Lily she’s lucky to be treated by her parents the way they do, Lily, Mitch, and Cam believe that Lionel doesn’t have freedom to do what he wants. When they confront all three of them, they find out that Lionel actually feels sorry for Lily. He told her she’s lucky to make her feel better, because he thinks he is treated better than her. In ” Tough Love “, Mitchell attempts to babysit his nephew, but there’s an accidental swap when he asks Lily to take care of a ‘baby’. Mitch means a doll that looks like a baby. She comforts Cal and puts the doll in the pram. When he comes back he takes the pram and leaves the house. Both have no idea of the mistake. Mitch later checks on Cal and realizes the mistake. At home, he promises Lily Disneyland if she doesn’t tell Pam. In ” Daddy Issues “, after getting into a fight at school, Lily takes something out of the store while they’re shopping and hides it in Cam’s bag. They get stopped and Lily reveals it’s a prank. Mitch and Cam attempt to ground her and realize they have stuff booked and can’t stay home to watch her. They meet up with Lily’s teacher who reveals her fight was with a girl who tried to snap Lily’s bra but found out she doesn’t own one. Mitch and Cam buy Lily a training bra, they give it to her but she becomes embarrassed and asks them to leave because they did it in front of her friends. Mitch and Cam begin to leave but overhear one of the girls trying to get a boy to like her. They help her out and Lily is impressed and thankful. They bring up the idea of asking Alex to educate Lily as they aren’t experts with girls. In ” Mother! “, Lily and Pam go back to Cam’s childhood house to see Cam’s parents, Cam also mentions that it’s birthing season back home, so Lily gets to name her first pig. which they will then kill on Lily’s 13th birthday. Season 10 In ” I Love a Parade “, Lily helps Manny drive over bridges by lecturing him and putting him down, Manny realizes that her putting him down eases him into being able to drive over bridges. Later, Cam enlists Lily to help Mitch and Cam decipher if a heavily edited video of Cal doing things in different scenarios looks good. She has multiple critiques that are also quite clear to both Mitch and Cam. In ” Good Grief “, it is revealed that DeDe Pritchett,Jay’s ex-wife and Claire and Mitchell’s mother, is dead. The whole family get together for Halloween, and Jay complains that someone ate his sandwich, and Gloria believes she’s being haunted by DeDe’s ghost. However, it’s later revealed that both things were Lily, as she states “I asked myself, what would Nana want to today? She’d want me to mess with Gloria. Also I ate Grandpa’s sandwich.”. In ” Stuck in a Moment “, Mitchell and Cam take Cal to see an outdoors mall-Santa in an effort to make this a great Christmas for him. As Lily continuously pesters them for a cell-phone for Christmas, Mitchell and Cam try to persuade Santa to tell them what Cal asked for. Later on, Cam gives Lily his phone and says if she can look after it for the rest of the day, he’ll give it to her. Three seconds after handing her the phone she gets pushed by a kid in a toy car and it accidentally slips out of her hand into a big water fountain. In ” Blasts from the Past “, Cameron and Mitchell are clearing out Lily’s old baby things when they find a nude magazine under her pillow. Upon confrontation with her, Cam discovers it is an old magazine of Mitchell’s. Jealous and upset, Cam goes to the gym. Mitch goes after him, discovering that Cam sits right in front of a window where attractive men are stretching. The two make up, admitting it’s alright to simply look at attractive guys as long as they stay loyal to each other. In ” We Need to Talk about Lily “, Mitchell and Cameron learn that Llly’s favorite vlogger, (video blogger), comes to town, and since, they have difficulties in communicating with her, they decide to introduce her to KimmyLoveandStuff. But Lily is rude and mean to her and explains to her dads that her tastes evolved and that she now likes trash metal. Cameron and Mitchell then realize that they actually tried to force her to like their things. In ” SuperShowerBabyBowl “, The Pritchett-Tucker family arrives at Haley’s baby shower hosted in the Pritchett household. It is reveled that Lily got into a fight with a girl named Christina, Cam wanted to punish her but Mitchell thinks Christina is wrong. Mitchell receives texts that he believes are from a prisoner that he got put away, but escaped. Later, we learn that Lily borrowed Mitch’s cellphone and that the threatening texts were actually from her friend Christina. In ” Red Alert “, Cameron and Mitchell learn that Lily has had her first period, but can’t help her properly since they’ve never had experience dealing with periods or the menstrual cycle. Since Claire is unavalaible, Cam sends a group text to the women in the family. Haley, Alex and Gloria try to give advice, but they don’t help Lily. Manny also shows-up due to Cam’s error, and is also rejected by Lily. Finally, Mitch and Cam are able to convince their daughter that they’ll be her dads, no matters what she does and that they’ll always here for her. In ” Stand By Your Man “, Claire watches Lily, she admits she’s afraid of Lily, until Lily admits she thinks Claire doesn’t like her but she finds Claire to be the only cool person in the family. Claire surprised by this, tries to teach her how to be cool in the way Lily thinks she is, but it backfires and both admit they are cool the way they are. In ” A Year of Birthdays “, as the birth of Haley and Dylan’s twins approaches we take a look back at how each family member celebrated their birthdays this past year. On Lily’s birthday, she says that she didn’t like it, because Manny continuously mourned over a breakup. Later in the year, Haley gives birth to twins in the hospital. When the twins are taken off to another part of the hospital, Mitch and Cam decide to present them to the family in the same way Cam introduced Lily in the Pilot episode using The Lion King theme song. Lily also joins in on this, introducing their presentation. Season 11 In ” New Kids On The Block “, Cam brings some at-risk students over to the house, much to Lily and Mitch’s dismay. A possession of Cam’s gets stolen and he believes it’s one of the students. Mitch goes into the kitchen to complain about the situation with Cam but Lily has already figured out that Mitch took it. Much later, Mitch comes clean, but Cam reveals he already knew and the students are actors who were hired to get the truth out of Mitchell. In ” Perfect Pairs “, After a succession of weird prospective tenants for their upstairs apartment, Mitch and Cam are delighted to rent out to a gay couple who are essentially younger versions of themselves and have adopted a black daughter who is the same age as Lily. Another plus to the couple is that they pay six months rent upfront. However Mitch and Cam soon start to worry that the couple are outshining them in regards to their fitness and their cultured opinions and their attempts to keep up exhaust them. It is Lily who saves the day when she plays bridge with their daughter and cheats, causing the daughter to have a nervous breakdown since she’s used to winning everything and can’t handle losing to someone who had just learned the rules. The couple decide to move out to spare their daughter any more distress, even letting Mitch and Cam keep all the upfront rent. In ” Pool Party “, Mitch and Cam learn that Lily is too body sensitive to go to go to a party they’ve been invited to. They talk to her about self-acceptance and accompany her to the party, only to discover that the pool party is actually one for gay men (they’d assumed the ‘younger’ people attending would be teenagers, whereas it’s actually a bunch of twenty somethings). Although Lily now has no problem been seen in her swimming costume, Mitch and Cam are now anxious about being seen in only their shorts and hide out in the upstairs gym with Ronaldo, Longines and several other men who feel the same. Lily finds them and chews them out for not following their own advice. Realizing they were hypocrites, Mitch and Cam lead the guys outside in their shorts and all jump into the pool. In ” The Last Halloween “, Mitch and Cam feel that it’s the good time for judging a festival, but they realize that Lily was at a party without an adult. When they fail to find her at the house, they come home and learn that she actually came home before them because of a boy who used her as a way to seduce one of her friends. They talk it out with her and comfort her. In ” The Last Christmas “, It is Christmas time, and Mitchell and Cameron are hosting everyone for Christmas dinner. The other family members try to avoid each other for different reasons. Lily asks not to be sat near to Luke because she can’t handle his chewing noises. Lily expresses her violence side when Manny and Luke are at odds, Luke suggests Manny punches him to make him feel good, he does, but it doesn’t, Lily suggests kicking Luke, or. jabbing him in the eye. Cam reveals big news: he’s one of two finalist for the head coaching position at the university of Missouri and could start within a few months, Mitch comforts him by saying he and Lily would be willing to move to Missouri for it. Cam’s mood then fluctuates in the space of 4 hours on December 31st not knowing if he’s got the job. Lily and Mitchell count down to the new year while Cam moans about the job still. In ” Legacy “, Cameron, Lily, Manny and Gloria go to the mall. WHile at the mall, Manny sees Brenda Fieldman again, he last saw her in the Pilot episode when he was 11.10 yeas later, he tries again. Cam runs into one of his rivals who beat him to a prestigious teaching award and enjoys rubbing his face in that fact, until Gloria embarrasses her while trying on dresses. To return the favor, Cameron manages to sabotage a house sale that Gloria’s rival realtor stole from under her nose by dressing himself, Manny and Lily up as yokels pretending to live next door. In ” Spuds “, Lily goes on her first date with Mitch and Cam chaperoning from a distance. Lily’s date goes very well and she heads outside to have ice cream. Mitch sees Cam being emotional and consoles him about the job only to learn he didn’t know he hadn’t got it. Cam explains that the phone call was from their old adoption agency; their profile was accidentally reactivated and someone has chosen them to adopt their baby. They have twenty-four hours to respond, and although this is unexpected the two look at how well they’ve raised Lily and aren’t entirely against the idea of having another child. In ” Baby Steps “, Mitch and Cam are trying to decide if they should accept the opportunity to adopt another baby. Lily encourages them, but reminds them they’ll both be seniors by the time the kid enters high school. Mitch and Cam become offended until they realize, she’s right. Cam and Mitch contemplate their ages when their baby grows up, which prompts them to talk to Gloria. They decide to adopt and late at night, Cam begins to annoy Mitch and Lily with his singing. In ” I’m Going To Miss This “, Mitch and Cam have bought a new house, and although it is larger and has many new amenities, Mitch is finding it hard to say goodbye to the old house. Mitch says goodbye to the old house by playing the musical divas on his phone and dancing along as he used to do when he lived alone, only to be interrupted by Cam and Lily with big news; the baby they’re adopting has been born two weeks early. The two immediately start to panic, as everything they need for the new baby is either packed away or not bought yet. As Gloria tries to find the baby car seat, Mitch and Cam enter the hospital full of nerves and wondering if they’re doing the right thing. Lily reminds them they always get nervous but manage to pull themselves together when it’s important, just as they arrive at the window where they get their first glimpse of the baby, a boy. Mitch, Cam and Lily get emotional at the sight of their new son and brother and hug. In ” Finale Part 1/Finale Part 2 “, Cam is offered the head coaching position again, Lily and Mitch agree that he should take the job, Lily wants to reinvent herself in Missouri. Sal later visits and reveals she lives down the street and intends to take the two for many wild nights out while having Lily babysit her kid and pets, making Mitch feel far more positive about moving. The whole family finally go to the Dunphy household to say goodbye as Mitch, Cam, Lily and Rexford (their new son) are now really leaving. The family all huddle close for one last family picture, but once it is taken no-one wants to let go. As they all leave, each sets of parents are seeing doing what they were doing in the Pilot episode, with Mitch and Cam eating cream puffs on the plane with both of their kids (as they were with baby Lily).
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Mitchell is Lily’s adoptive Dad. He cares for Lily but can at times be very caught up in his work. This improves over the course of the show and he ends up growing closer to Lily. Mitchell is less emotional than Cameron and believes that Lily’s lack of empathy may have something to do with his lack of showing emotions. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Cameron is Lily’s adoptive Daddy. He is the more emotional father, and when they first adopt Lily, is a stay-at-home dad. He cares for Lily too, and opposite of Mitchell, can be overly dramatic. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Jay is Lily’s adoptive Grandfather. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Gloria is Lily’s adoptive Step-Grandmother. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Manny is Lily’s adoptive Step-Uncle. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Joe is Lily’s adoptive Half-Uncle. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Claire is Lily’s adoptive aunt, as she is Mitchell’s sister. It is said that Lily gets her sassy attitude from Claire due to the fact that Claire spends a lot of time with her, often picking her up from school or watching her when her daddies are busy. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Season 6 : In ” Connection Lost “, Lily behaves indignantly towards Claire after Haley babysat her the night before and confided in her about a fight with Claire. Lily is shown to take Haley’s side, calling Claire “mean” and refusing to pass the iPad to Mitchell when Claire calls. In ” Crying Out Loud “, Lily cries out that she doesn’t want to live with her Aunt Claire when she thinks that her daddies are going to die. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Phil is Lily’s adoptive Uncle, stemming from Phil being married to Mitchell’s sister, Claire. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Haley is Lily’s adoptive cousin, stemming from Haley being Mitchell’s niece as Haley’s mother is Claire, Mitchell’s sister. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Relationships description goes here. Alex is Lily’s adoptive cousin, stemming from Alex being Mitchell’s niece as Alex’s mother is Claire, Mitchell’s sister. Season 1 : The two do not interact, although in ” Pilot “, Alex seems happy when she meets baby Lily for the first time. Season 2 : Alex and Lily do not interact at all in this season. Season 3 : In the first episode of the season (” Dude Ranch “), Alex is seen taking care of Lily. Alex is pushing Lily on a swing and gets annoyed when Lily keeps kicking her. Alex has her first kiss in front of Lily, who laughs and says, “You kissed a boy!”, much to Alex’s embarrassment who reiterates “The boy kissed me”. In ” Express Christmas “, Alex goes tree shopping with Mitchell and Lily. Season 4 : In ” Arrested “, Alex takes care of Lily when they go to the hospital after Luke suffers an allergic reaction from Cam’s soy bacon. She seems to be protective of Lily as she turns her around and covers her eyes when Luke walks in with the front of his hospital gown undone. She also puts her arm out to protect Lily when Cam almost crashes the car near the end of the episode. Alex and Haley babysit Lily in ” New Year’s Eve ” but do their job poorly as they lock her outside without even knowing, and don’t notice when she puts on Claire’s clothes and makeup. At one point, Lily asks them if anyone’s watching her. Season 5 : Alex is seen with her arm around Lily in ” Farm Strong “. In ” The Late Show “, Alex babysits Lily and tries to read her Little Women, but Lily reacts by saying how she hates it and asks to play dolls with her instead. When Mitch and Cam come out wearing the same outfit and ask the girls for their opinion, Alex says that boy clothes aren’t really her thing, to which Lily replies, “Really?” while looking at her up and down. Haley and Alex take care of Lily in ” Australia “, and go souvenir shopping with her. Luke is Lily’s adoptive cousin. Luke and Lily have evidently been friends with Lily for more time than Joe and Lily have been friends. Luke along with Manny has been known to try and trick Lily which usually fails as Lily is able to make their plan fall apart before it starts as Luke is usually the one who lets Manny down. In ” White Christmas “, Manny and Luke try to make Lily believe that a boy used to live in the house they spend Christmas in and was locked in there and died in there. Manny and Luke give Lily a note, but as Luke wrote the note, Lily says that the scariest thing about the note is that it was written with bad English. Luke first speaks to Lily in When Good Kids Go Bad when she pushes him away from her father while shouting “My daddy!” to which he replies “This isn’t over”. He grows jealous of Lily for stealing his limelight as the “cute one” of the family ( Virgin Territory ) and sets a trap with cookies that would lead to her getting into trouble. In the episode Punkin Chunkin Luke tells his dad that “anything is better than watching Lily chew” and is relieved that he does not have to sit next to her when the family come over. Near the end of the episode he says that he wants to test out how the catapult works on a human and calls for Lily. In Aunt Mommy Luke describes Lily as “A mess” and “A disaster of a human being”. In Arrested Luke is clearly annoyed that Lily has to stay with him in the hospital. He torments her in Party Crasher by calling her “The most beautiful sight of all” mockingly and she tells him to go away. At the end of the episode both are seen to be jealous of their new baby half uncle after the family swoon over him. Luke puts his arm around Lily and says “We’ll talk”. In A Slight at the Opera Luke is seen hitting golf balls at Lily and telling her to keep her mouth open. In The Wow Factor Luke tells Mitchell that Lily has no emotion in her eyes. In Flip Flop the family all have their attention on Luke so Lily butts in and says “I know my ABCs!”. Luke is clearly annoyed and says “I guess things weren’t about you for a second”. In Haley’s 21st Birthday Lily is being babysat by her cousins and goes around asking her them where babies come from. Luke, who is now a teenager begins telling her using her stuffed toys to demonstrate but is interrupted by Manny. In Summer Lovin’, we see the pair hi-fiving each other. In White Christmas the family stay in a cabin and Luke and Manny torment Lily by making up a story about the forgotten boy who has been locked away in the secret room. She doesn’t believe them and calls them idiots. Luke writes a note pretending to be the forgotten boy and gives it to her and she says that the scariest thing about it is that he spells like a 2 year old. In The Party Luke and Manny babysit Lily and decide to throw a party. They bribe Lily with soda and she hides the guests in Luke’s room. TBA TBA TBA TBA Patrik: Pre-school crush. Rob: Canadian man who temporarily lived in the apartment upstairs, with his wife Carol and son, Monte. Originally, Cam thought she had a crush on Monte, who is around the same age as her, and gives her flirting advice. But when Lily flirts with Rob instead of Monte, Cam secretly tells her to stop, but she won’t. Monte later feels homesick, and so he, Rob and Carol return to Canada. Randy: Randy is in Lily’s class in High school, he is a year older than her but as Lily skipped a grade she is in his grade. They go on a date, which Lily’s dads help her prepare for.

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Who was replaced in Modern Family?

Modern Family: Lily’s Slow Transformation Over The Years (In Pictures) – IMDb Lily Tucker-Pritchett is one character fans got to watch grow up in front of the camera as she went from a toddler to a high school student over the course of the show. Like the other kids on the show, Lily went through a ton of changes over the years as she grew and learned who she was.

The initial change might have been due to a change in actors, but it was a necessary change. The first two seasons of the series featured Ella and as an infant Lily. took over the role for the rest of the show. ‘s Lily Tucker-Pritchett went from being the adorable baby that dressed up in costume to a spunky teen.

From school sleepovers to first dates, Lily’s transformative years were relatable for viewers. Unlike Alex and, Lily went from being an. : Modern Family: Lily’s Slow Transformation Over The Years (In Pictures) – IMDb

Where is Gloria’s house in Modern Family?

Jay and Gloria’s house – This one is a bit harder to recognize because most of the house is set behind a gate. The address is 121 S. Cliffwood Drive in Brentwood.

Is Modern Family filmed in actual houses?

Modern Family filming locations – Also Read | Hugh Grant And Sophia Lillis Join Chris Pine In ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Film Also Read | Alice Evans Claims She Found Out About Her Divorce With Ioan Gruffudd From The News Even though the show has been majorly shot inside the studio, the show does feature some picture-perfect houses.

  1. They have been used as backdrops of some outdoor shots in the show.
  2. According to a report by fancypantshomes.com, the real-life Pritchett house is located at 121 S.
  3. Cliffwood Ave., in Brentwood, California.
  4. The property is much bigger than what the audience gets to see in the show.
  5. The trendy duplex which is Mitchell and Cameron’s house is located at 2211 Fox Hills Drive, in Century City, CA.

It is very close to the 20th Century Fox Studios. Lastly, the Dunphy house is located at 10336 Dunleer Dr., in Los Angeles, CA which is less than two miles from the studio.

Is the unsellable house in Modern Family real?

Phil’s ‘unsellable’ house is actually the residence of Qingyun Ma, who was the Dean of the University of Southern California School of Architecture from January 2007 through June 2017.

Is Modern Family set in California?

Was Modern Family a progressive show? – In addition to its depiction of Los Angeles, Modern Family is known for its diverse cast and representation of different family structures. The show features a multigenerational and multicultural family, which includes characters from different backgrounds and experiences.